"I've been praying for the Truth and I believe I actually found the truth. Thank you very much and I give thanks to our Lord." -Richard

Psalm 25:4
Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths

The Way of the Lord

last update 5/4/20

The most important understanding in all of scripture has to be the way of the Lord.  The way of the Lord is the plan (or path) the Lord has painstakingly documented, over the course of thousands of years of written history, as the prescription for the way people ought to live their lives in order to have peace, prosperity, love, good health and a long life.  Now, if you really do believe that the Lord is the Engineer of our mind and the Creator of all life, then you should trust in the blessing that He promises, on oath, to those who walk in his ways or in other words, to those who follow his advice. Now here is the warning the Lord wants all of us to know. If we choose to disregard his advice and go our own way, or follow the ways of our ancestors, and if we choose to teach those ways to our children, then the Lord promises that we will eventually suffer with anxiety, depression, divorce, rebellious children, drunkenness, drug addiction, sexual immorality, sleeplessness, tumors & other health problems and even death.  He also promises that we will see the climate changes including  hurricanes, fires, scorching heat, drought, famine, locusts and plagues. (see Climate Change). If you haven't done so already I strongly suggest you read the through the slider at the top of this page, which speaks to you directly in the Lord's voice and tells you how to return and walk in his ways.  It took 10 years of Bible study to put those words together.

Psalm 95:10 / Hebrews 3:10
For forty years I was angry with that generation; I said, ‘They are a people whose hearts go astray, and they have not known my ways.’

Psalm 18:21
For I have kept the ways of the Lord; I am not guilty of turning from my God.

Proverbs 8:32
“Now then, my children, listen to me; blessed are those who keep my ways.

Isaiah 55:9
“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Jeremiah 9:12-14
Who is wise enough to understand this? Who has been instructed by the Lord and can explain it? Why has the land been ruined and laid waste like a desert that no one can cross? The Lord said, "It is because they have forsaken my law, which I set before them; they have not obeyed me or followed my law. Instead, they have followed the stubbornness of their hearts; they have followed other gods, as their ancestors taught them.”

Isaiah 58:1-3
Shout it aloud, do not hold back. Raise your voice like a trumpet. Declare to my people their rebellion and to the descendants of Jacob their sins. For day after day they seek me out; they seem eager to know my ways, as if they were a nation that does what is right and has not forsaken the commands of its God.

We all must understand that the reason the Lord instructed the ancient prophets to write down all his words was so we would know his ways and we would have his warnings of what will happen to our body and mind and especially our children after us, when we stray from his paths and follow someone else's advice.   He wanted to make sure that we wouldn't turn and blame him for all the cancer and all the suffering we see on the earth because these things happen because he gave us free will. The freedom to choose what we eat, who we marry, how we live, who we have sex with, how we treat each other, what goals we teach our children, and ultimately what we consider evil and good.  My research has proven that all these choices have a direct effect on our health and happiness just like the Lord has foretold.

Deuteronomy 11:26-28
Today I’m giving you the choice of a blessing or a curse. You’ll be blessed if you obey the commands of the Lord your God that I’m giving you today. You’ll be cursed if you disobey the commands of the Lord your God, if you turn from the way I’m commanding you to live today.

Deuteronomy 31:25-27
Take this Book of the Law and place it beside the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God. There it will remain as a witness against you. For I know how rebellious and stiff-necked you are.

So when we hear the biblical message "Trust in the Lord" or "have Faith in God", or when Jesus says "I am the way", what this really means is that we should trust in the Lord our God by walking in His "ways". We walk in his ways by seeking his advice, obeying his laws, and living in accordance with his ordinances and commandments for our own sake. We don't just listen to his commands, but rather we do and teach them. Jesus knew this "way" and his disciples are those who follow him in the way he teaches them to live.

John 8:30-32
Even as he spoke, many believed in him. To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Unfortunately many are deceived by movies about Christ that show people physically following Jesus as he walks down the road, leading the viewer to believe that this is what "following" Jesus means. See, the Lord understands the interactions that take place between the minds of humans better than we do. He knows how a child's mind develops over time, he knows how love works, he knows how greed and jealousy destroys our contentment, he knows which foods are healthy and which are not, he knows which animals spread diseases like the Coronavirus, so we must be careful to listen to him and not be deceived. Our brain research shows how this incredible system works, from our perception of facial expressions to our sexual nature, humans have been designed to influence one another. 

Psalm 119:29-31
Keep me from deceitful ways; be gracious to me and teach me your law. I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I have set my heart on your laws.

Kings 17:15
They rejected his decrees and the covenant he had made with their ancestors and the statutes he had warned them to keep. They imitated the nations around them although the Lord had ordered them, “Do not do as they do.”

Look at the brain maps to see all the organization and engineering it takes to make our brain function. Over 60 trillion connections are required to build this processing system that's more advanced than 34,000 Intel i7 processors. It takes an engineer with my aerospace background to appreciate the intelligence behind it. All we need to do is put our trust in the one who built it. Sadly, most religions today have completely changed the Lord's laws, and schools have stopped teaching children about God.  So you may be thinking, but where's the proof that the Bible is really divine?  Well the Lord already knew you would ask that question, as we find out from reading scripture.  As the story goes, a long time ago the Lord made a promise to a man named Abram. Abram was a man the Lord had tested and chosen, for the purpose of glorifying his Law and proving it's divine nature.  In other words, the Lord will provide us with evidence that he knows how our brain works.  Just watch what happens when people obey or disobey His Laws.

Genesis 18:19
For I have chosen him, so that he will direct his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is right and just, so that the Lord will bring about for Abraham what he has promised him.”

The Lord's promise to Abram was simply that if Abram would teach his children to obey the way of the Lord, then Abram's descendants would multiply into a great nation. The history of the nation of Israel reveals that this promise was fulfilled.

Genesis 12:1-3
The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. I will make you into a great nation"

Years later, the Lord made a similar promise to Moses.  The Lord promised Moses that if Israel continued in the way of the Lord, then the nation would continue to grow and prosper. However, if they were to become careless and turn from the way,  due to the influences from the people in the nations that surround them, that their enemies would rise up and destroy them so that only a remnant would remain. The Lord warns that this remnant would be scattered throughout other nations and be their servants. History reveals that this has also happened.

Deuteronomy 28:58-61
If you do not carefully follow all the words of this law, written in this book, and do not revere the Lord your God— the Lord will send fearful plagues on you and your descendants, harsh prolonged disasters and severe lingering illnesses. The Lord will bring every kind of sickness and disaster not recorded in this Book, until you are destroyed. You, as numerous as the stars in the sky will be few in number, because you did not obey the Lord.

The final promise was that if Israel would later come to recognize their sin in turning away from the Lord and then repent its unfaithfulness to their God, not blaming the nations that attacked them but rather fully recommitting themselves to walk again in the Lord's ways , then the Lord would gather them from the nations where they were scattered and bring them back to their land.

Jeremiah 30:1-3
“This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘Write in a book all the words I have spoken to you. The days are coming,’ declares the Lord, ‘when I will bring my people Israel and Judah back from captivity and restore them to the land I gave their ancestors to possess,’ says the Lord.”

Daniel 9:5
I prayed to the Lord my God and confessed.. We have sinned and done wrong. We have been wicked and have rebelled; we have turned away from your commands and laws.

History once again, has proven that this has happened and the Lord commanded that these things were to be written down.  Unfortunately, this cycle has repeated many times and Israel would continue to forget the mistakes of their ancestors.  The most recent case of "remnant to redemption "  occurred during World War II in which Israel was once again reduced to a remnant through the Holocaust only later to be reestablished back in their home land.

Through the Bible we are all witnesses to these things so we have no excuse. Also foretold in the Bible is another promise, the promise that all nations would eventually prosper because history would document the prosperity that came to Israel from obeying God's laws and the calamity that followed when they turn away. Through this history of Israel, other nations may see the value in Israel's Laws and follow them. History also proves that this too has happened.

Genesis 22:18
through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed, because you have obeyed me.”

Galatians 3:8
Scripture foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, and announced the gospel in advance to Abraham: “All nations will be blessed through you.”

Deuteronomy 4:5-7
See, I have taught you decrees and laws as the Lord my God commanded me, so that you may follow them in the land you are entering to take possession of it. Observe them carefully, for this will show your wisdom and understanding to the nations

By tracing the Christian and biblical  roots of the United States, and it's subsequent influence on the world today, the Lord's promise to Abraham has certainly been fulfilled. Tracking the roots of America's humble beginnings we find a nation built entirely on the Biblical faith and submission of its early leaders (see The Pilgrims). William Bradford, our pilgrim governor, has even left a prescription for us to follow.

William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation, 1620-1647
“Nevertheless, to keep a good conscience, and walk in such a way as God has prescribed in his Word, is a thing which I must prefer before you all, and above life itself."

Here is a quote from John Winthrop's sermon he gave on the ship in 1630, before he and his fellow settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony reached New England.

And to shut this discourse with that exhortation of Moses, that faithful servant of the Lord, in his last farewell to Israel, Deut. 30. “Beloved, there is now set before us life and death, good and evil,” in that we are commanded this day to love the Lord our God, and to love one another, to walk in his ways and to keep his Commandments and his ordinance and his laws, and the articles of our Covenant with Him, that we may live and be multiplied, and that the Lord our God may bless us in the land whither we go to possess it. But if our hearts shall turn away, so that we will not obey, but shall be seduced, and worship other Gods, our pleasure and profits, and serve them; it is propounded unto us this day, we shall surely perish out of the good land whither we pass over this vast sea to possess it. Therefore let us choose life, that we and our seed may live, by obeying His voice and cleaving to Him, for He is our life and our prosperity.  -John Winthrop, “A Model of Christian Charity,”

Understanding the origins of the American spirit gives us the insight on how and why its early government succeeded and, like Israel, how it could later fail.  So now has John Winthorp's warning to all Americans finally become a reality? Has America lost the way

Today in America, one in four women over the age of fifty needs antidepressants, many of our children need ADHD medication, and our men need Viagra. According to the CDC, the sales of prescription pain killers has quadrupled since 1999 and the use of antidepressants has soared by over 65 percent.

Centers for Disease Control (see)
Overdose deaths involving prescription opioids have quadrupled since 1999, and so have sales of these prescription drugs. From 1999 to 2015, more than 183,000 people have died in the U.S. from overdoses related to prescription opioids.

These medications were not even available years ago, and now it seems that many can't live without them. So what changes in society can cause people to lose their natural ability to be joyful?

Antidepressant use in U.S. soars by 65 percent in 15 years (see CBS NEWS)
"About one in every eight Americans over the age of 12 reported recent antidepressant use, according to a report released Tuesday from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
"People have become increasing stressed and depressed in our society," said Dr. Seth Mandel, who directs psychiatry at Northwell Health's Huntington Hospital in Huntington, N.Y.  

The number of children being diagnosed with ADHD, Autism and even nut allergies is soaring.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The number of children diagnosed with ADHD is at almost 12 percent, which is up about 50 percent over the last nine years. (see News)

Deuteronomy 28:28
The Lord will afflict you with madness, blindness and confusion of mind.

We are also seeing a large increase in cancers including breast cancer.  In fact a report from the Washington Post claims that breast cancers are predicted to rise by 50 percent by 2030 (see story)

Deuteronomy 28:27
The Lord will afflict you with the boils of Egypt and with tumors, festering sores and the itch, from which you cannot be cured.

Exodus 15:26
“If you listen carefully to the Lord your God and do what is right in his eyes, if you pay attention to his commands and keep all his decrees, I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord, who heals you.”

Over the past twenty years we have also seen a great increase in mass shootings and adolescent violence. There have always been guns, so what influence has altered the mindset of our children that they can even fathom such atrocities?

Isaiah 3:12-15
Youths oppress my people, women rule over them.

What's happening in the United States today? Maybe history can provide some clues. For instance, can we identify periods in ancient societies where changes in such as these have also occurred?

Isaiah 65:2
All day long I have held out my hands to an obstinate people, who walk in ways not good, pursuing their own imaginations

Well, the Bible itself contains a documented record of the nation of Israel, how it transformed over time through the influence of its many leaders. Based on its writings it appears that yes, changes as we see today, in behavior and roles, have actually occurred before. From this next verse, it seems that the behavior of the people is greatly influenced by their leaders.

2 Kings 21:9
But the people did not listen. Manasseh led them astray, so that they did more evil than the nations the Lord had destroyed before the Israelites.

Despite all the technological advances over the years it appears that our basic human behavior remains unchanged. For instance, at the time of the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel they all write about similar changes that were occurring in their society at the time which provide us with clues to identify behavior patterns.

Ezekiel 12:19
Say to the people of the land: ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says about those living in Jerusalem and in the land of Israel: They will eat their food in anxiety and drink their water in despair, for their land will be stripped of everything in it because of the violence of all who live there.

Jeremiah 2:8
The priests did not ask, ‘Where is the Lord?’Those who deal with the law did not know me; the leaders rebelled against me.'

Isaiah 3:12-15
My people, your guides lead you astray; they turn you from the path. The Lord takes his place in court; he rises to judge the people. The Lord enters into judgment against the elders and leaders of his people: “It is you who have ruined my vineyard; the plunder from the poor is in your houses. What do you mean by crushing my people and grinding the faces of the poor?” declares the Lord, the Lord Almighty.

Turning from The Way

Here we see Isaiah explaining why these changes were happening back in his time; "your guides lead you astray; they turn you from the path". What Isaiah claims is that there was a way of life that was working, a path that led to joy and salvation but the people were led off of that path because of greed. But how can the greed of one group effect the health and well being of the entire nation? Well, back at the time of Isaiah, leaders used false gods to control the population, instilling values, traditions, and ceremonies that would lead to lifestyle changes. Now to someone who understands how this human brain actually works, this influence makes a great deal of sense. By reverse engineering of the brain and through neurological studies we can see that the brain reacts to various stimuli in a predictable, highly engineered way. If one understands this inner working, they can then predict behavior that will lead to happiness, behavior that will lead to fear, behavior that will lead to depression and more importantly, behavior that will lead to addiction. Addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, pornography, video games, material goods, travel, media, sports idols, messaging, etc. In the wrong hands, this knowledge can be used to control society in such a way that could be very profitable for some, even if it causes great harm to others. Today big businesses are using technology to control behavior in this way, it's called Brain Hacking.  We are also seeing a change in the family structure, rising divorce rates, dual income families with children raised in daycare and even an attack on God in public spaces and schools.   But according to statistics these new trends are not leading the nation to good health and joyful living.  Surely, there must be a way for people to find joy without a doctor's prescription or using drugs, drinking alcohol, running on treadmills, overeating, playing video games, driving fancy cars, shopping, or going on trips. And just look at our national debt. Why didn't our ancestors require all these things to be happy? In fact, early Americans like John Winthrop, an English Puritan lawyer from a wealthy family, gave up his privileged lifestyle in England to establish a colony in the new land. So what happened with our leaders, the people we are trusting; our elders, our politicians, our teachers, and especially our priests? Did their wisdom lead us down the wrong path?

Nehemiah 9:26 “Nevertheless, they were disobedient and rebelled against you and cast your law behind their back and killed your prophets, who had warned them in order to turn them back to you, and they committed outrageous sins.

So then, where do we have to look and what do we have to do to restore our joy? Psalm 119 gives us a clue where to find it and King David was asking the Lord for it, so it appears that it's hidden somewhere in the Lord's statutes, his Law (Torah).

Psalm 119:14
I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches.

Psalm 19:7
The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple.

But how can laws bring us joy? One would think that laws just hold us back, preventing us from doing the things we enjoy. That was the thinking that kept me from reading the Bible. I didn't want to be held back. I was confident that "my way" was going to work out; I had a college degree, so the world told me everything was going to be fine. If you feel the same way then trust me that just the opposite will happen when you finally discover the real law. It's more than just a law, in Hebrew it's called the Torah.  It's not in the rules that many religions follow; they actually prevent you from ever finding the law.

Isaiah 28:7-10 Priests and prophets stagger from beer and become confused from too much wine; they reel from beer, they stagger when seeing visions, they stumble when rendering decisions. All the tables are covered with vomit and there is not a spot without filth. “Who is it he is trying to teach? To whom is he explaining his message? To children weaned from their milk, to those just taken from the breast? For it is: Do this, do that, a rule for this, a rule for that; a little here, a little there.”

Does this sound like your religion? Is your religion leading you to a life of joy or a life of rules? Does your religion treat you like little children and block the real message of salvation from your adult mind? Does your religion force you to follow man-made rules that aren't even found in scripture? Does your religion not teach you directly from the Bible? Has your religion not instructed you to teach your children God's laws? Has your religion actually made you blind to the truth and led you down the path to oppression?

Isaiah 29:13
The Lord says: “These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is based on merely human rules they have been taught

Matthew 15:9
They worship me in vain; their teachings are merely human rules.

Matthew 15:14
Leave them; they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.”

The Lord warns us that because of their pride, many priests will stumble and stray from the teaching of his law. Biblical history shows us that once the law is lost, people become blind to their sin. It's not physical blindness, it's spiritual blindness. The Lord knows these things will happen and he will eventually send someone to help us find our way back.

Isaiah 42:16
I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.

During the time of our blindness the people will be lured into all kinds of false teachings. The wealthy tempt the poor into coveting, to turn them into slaves. Without the wisdom found in the law, the rich will begin to deceive and oppress the poor. Then because of greed, even our priests and leaders will take bribes and show favoritism to the rich.

Micah 7:3
the ruler demands gifts, the judge accepts bribes, the powerful dictate what they desire— they all conspire together.

Isaiah 3:14
The Lord enters into judgment against the elders and leaders of his people: “It is you who have ruined my vineyard; the plunder from the poor is in your houses."

Jeremiah 5:30-31
“A horrible and shocking thing has happened in the land: The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority, and my people love it this way. But what will you do in the end?

Is Your Priest a "least"?
Before you put the welfare of your family into the hands of your local priest or pastor, make sure they are not a "least" in disguise. Christ used the term "least" to describe the person who teaches others to disregard even one of the smallest of the laws of Moses.

Matthew 5:18-19 For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not a single letter, not a dot, will pass from the law (of Moses) until all is accomplished. Therefore whoever relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever does them and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

Of all the priests I have heard speak, I am sorry to say that they all qualify as "leasts" according to Christ. Not one ever mentioned the law; although I have heard some of the Ten Commandments mentioned but to my surprise they even had the audacity to modify them and take out important warnings. They do have plenty of their own rules like: you can only marry within your religion, what kind of birth control you can use, what you can eat on "Fridays", which man-made sacraments you have to obtain; when you need to baptize your infants; none of which is referenced in the Bible. Even their marriage covenants are non-biblical and worldly. They tell us we only need to have faith that Christ is the Son of God; but they don't explain what faith is.  Here we see that faith in the Old Testament is believing in what the Lord promises us, if and only if, we follow his law.

Psalm 119:30
I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I have set my heart on your laws.

Psalm 119:99-100
I have more insight than all my teachers, for I meditate on your statutes. I have more understanding than the elders, for I obey your precepts.

And so faith in Christ means to trust him when he teaches us to learn and follow the law. Christ appears to be following the law and quoting Psalm 119:99 when he says.

Matthew 5:20
For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.

So do you have faith in Christ? Well, he just told you plainly that you better keep reading; you better learn the law. And how well does he say we need to know this law? Till we are righteous.

Genesis 15:6
Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness.

Genesis 18:19
For I have chosen him (Abram), that he may command his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing righteousness and justice, so that the Lord may bring to Abraham what he has promised him.”

Deuteronomy 6:25
And if we are careful to obey all this law before the Lord our God, as he has commanded us, that will be our righteousness.”

We see that righteousness is simply the measure of how well you believe and follow the way of the Lord; how well you follow his law.  So if you really have faith in Christ, he warned you not to trust the priests; you better know all the law. He also has told you plainly that the New Testament did not change the requirements of the law. We still need to be righteous in the eyes of the Lord. I have come to realize now, through my research, that most of the suffering in my life has evolved from the lack of biblical teaching I received at church.  No wonder Christ said that false prophets are "wolves in sheep's clothing"; I feel like the prey.

Matthew 7:15-18 True and False Prophets
“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.

Getting Back On The Path To Salvation and Joy

Jeremiah 6:16
This is what the Lord says: “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. But you said, ‘No, We will not walk in it.’

So who can we trust to help us get back on the right path? Who can show us the way to our salvation, our joy? This incredible brain of ours holds the secret to the path back to our joy. As an aerospace guidance system engineer I am blown away by the incredible organization and design of our brain and absolutely convinced of its engineering origins. Simply put, forget about the idea of evolution, its the most foolish thing I ever once believed and I am greatly ashamed of my foolishness. I'm the engineer, I spent my entire life figuring out how everything works.  When I was a young boy I watched every repairman who ever came into our home, asking questions and learning.  I built guidance systems and later was in charge of the entire design department.  I should have known better not to believe in something I didn't understand.  Through my seven years of intense research, I am absolutely convinced that 60 trillion of the most precisely engineered circuits I have ever studied could never happen by chance, not even the smallest circuit.  Forget it, evolution is over, engineering thwarts science every time (see End of Evolution). Now lets use our brain power for something good, like healing all these sick, confused people that our teachers and leaders have led astray. So where do we start?  Since every engineered system has at least one designer, the designer knows exactly how this system is designed to function properly.  Studying scripture with the understanding of how the brain functions, convinced me that the biblical Creator has complete understanding and knowledge of this design. The Lord foretells that he knows times like these will occur in societies and he will send us a savior, a teacher who can overcome the learning of the wise. Someone to prescribe a way to reclaim our salvation and rediscover our natural joy.  The New Testament shows proof that a man called Jesus was able to heal the mind and teach others how to heal as well. Can our new understanding of the brain help us discover how he did it?

Isaiah 30:20-21
Although the Lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, your teachers will be hidden no more; with your own eyes you will see them. Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

John 14:6
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Psalm 119:59
I have considered my ways and have turned my steps to your statutes.

To understand Jesus when he says "I am the way", is the key to how he heals.  When the way of the Lord is lost people are blind to how their sins control them.  History shows us exactly how this was done both in the example of the nation of Israel and in the United States.  Both nations at one time had leaders who followed the biblical laws leading to a rise in prosperity and wealth. Then a subsequent fall as these biblical laws were changed. 

Hebrews 3:10
That is why I was angry with that generation; I said, ‘Their hearts are always going astray, and they have not known my ways.’

When the Lord's ways are lost due to bad religion, the people enter a period the Bible calls "darkness" or lack of understanding.  When the minds of the people are darkened the rich begin to oppress them and eventually it leads to a form of slavery.  Slaves to their temptations and pride they give up contentment in search of more possessions and pleasures.  The key to this fall comes from the changes in the values taught to the children, the future leaders of the nation.  It was in this way that Satan tempted Eve.

Proverbs 22:6 (NIV)
Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

John Adams 8/1/1761
"A Man who can read will find in his Bible rules and observations that will enlarge his range of thought, and enable him the better to judge who has and who has not that Integrity of Heart, and that Compass of Knowledge and Understanding"

Many biblical names actually have the word salvation in them. Isaiah in Hebrew is Yeshayahu ישעיה and it means Salvation of God. Joshua in Hebrew is Yeshua שוע or Yehoshua and it means the Lord is salvation. Jesus is derived from Joshua and it means to save.   So the Bible itself gives us a path to our salvation and a messenger to teach us and guide us along the way. When we lose our way, the Lord even sends us a savior to help us find the way back.

Deuteronomy 18:18 (NIV)
I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their fellow Israelites, and I will put my words in his mouth. He will tell them everything I command him.

The Bible makes it clear, we must follow the biblical law!  And it is this very law that works in our brain once we know and accept it, just like software runs on our computers, to create our spirit,  The spirit that leads to peace and joy, the spirit the Bible calls "the spirit of holiness", or The Holy Spirit .  This spirit is not some kind of ghost but rather a formation of brain circuits created by learning, meditating and trusting the power of these laws.  There are those who follow this teaching and I had the pleasure of listening to a few great pastors, but many will stumble from the pressures of the world and teach a different gospel. Overcome by pride and greed many teachers will stray from the truth and build up their ministry by telling people pleasant things they want to hear.

2 Timothy 4:3 For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

The puritans fled to American in order to raise their children up by these laws, to instill in them a great foundation, away from the influence of, what they called darkness or false religions.

William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation (more info)
"after the gross darkness of popery had overspread the Christian world, Satan has maintained various wars against the Saints, from time to time, in different ways... he began to sow errors, heresies, and discord amongst the clergy themselves, working upon the pride and ambition and other frailties to which all mortals, and even the Saints themselves in some measure are subject."

Psalm 119:164-166
Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous laws. Great peace have those who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble. I wait for your salvation, Lord, and I follow your commands.

Leviticus 25:18
Follow my decrees and be careful to obey my laws, and you will live safely in the land.

The Founding Fathers of America knew this; they didn't rely on priests to tell them what the Bible says. They understood that even the priest can be corrupted by pride and become more interested in the number of followers they can attract, instead of the moral character of their current members.

John Adams  August 8/1/1761
"No Priest nor Pope has any Right to say what I shall believe, and I will not believe one Word they say, if I think it is not founded in Reason and in Revelation. Now how can I judge what My Bible justifies unless I can read my Bible."

Benjamin Franklin
"Had he been in my opinion a good preacher, perhaps I might have continued; but his discourses were chiefly either polemic arguments, or explications of the peculiar doctrines of our sect, and were all to me very dry, uninteresting, and unedifying, since not a single moral principle was inculcated or enforced, their aim seeming to be rather to make us Presbyterians than good citizens."

See, the Lord is the engineer of life and has set everything in its place. I know this because I did the work necessary to make this claim; it just didn't evolve in my mind. The brain is phenomenally complex in its design. We can see the engineering in how it works, but yet we can't even fathom how it's built by our cells. This is coming from a guidance system engineer, who was the head of technology for the defense company that built the space shuttle guidance system. So if you haven't read the home page or viewed the brain maps, I suggest that you look them over so you can be as convinced as I am (see Engineering the Truth). Because the Lord knows how our brain works, how love works, how happiness works, how depression works and how we influence others, he knew we needed a user's guide. So he gave us a moral law to guide us on the way, then we can enjoy the safe and peaceful operation of his creation, our mind. This is a law for our protection, for our children, for our salvation and for our joy. A law that protects our family from coveting, which leads to debt and materialism. A law to protect our children by teaching them to respect and learn (the law) from their parents; a law to protect our marriages against infidelity; and a law to protect us from oppressing one another by supressing our pride. And he also gave us this command; that we walk in the fear of the Lord to protect us along the way and to make sure that everyone obeys his law.

Deuteronomy 5:29
Oh, that their hearts would be inclined to fear me and keep all my commands always, so that it might go well with them and their children forever!

Deuteronomy 32:45-47
When Moses finished reciting all these words to all Israel, he said to them, “Take to heart all the words I have solemnly declared to you this day, so that you may command your children to obey carefully all the words of this law. They are not just idle words for you—they are your life.

Deuteronomy 10:12
And now, Israel, what does the Lord your God ask of you but to fear the Lord your God, to walk in obedience to him, to love him, to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, and to observe the Lord’s commands and decrees that I am giving you today for your own good.

This doesn't say to have the priest teach your children the law; it's our job as parents. The Lord knows we need this fear to protect our family; that is how the brain works and I understand the circuitry. Our fear blocks the temptations of sin; the sin that robs us of our joy. Like an electronic dog fence, godly fear keeps us on the path, protecting us, so we can enjoy our lives. We can see by all the problems in society today, and all the prescriptions, that many have lost this protection. Throughout biblical history, when the nation of Israel feared God and obeyed his laws, they prospered, and when they sinned and followed their own ways, they lived in turmoil and oppression. This example was for us to understand the power of the law. And look at what happened in America, when the Founding Fathers feared the Lord, the nation grew and prospered, now look at the national debt and the emotional well-being of its people!

Deuteronomy 28:43-45
The foreigners who reside among you will rise above you higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lower. They will lend to you, but you will not lend to them. All these curses will come on you.. because you did not obey the Lord your God and observe the commands and decrees he gave you.

See, the god of the world (satan/evil) wants to control us; and he needs to tempt just one of us to break the law. That would start off a domino effect to spread his evil to others. The gods of the world use the various frailties of man to trap us and then to master us. They need us to believe in them, to follow them, to financially support them, otherwise they would die. Here are some of them; there is science (with evolution) and philosophy, psychology and psychiatry, priestcraft and atheism, liberalism and feminism, and even educationalism and economic materialism and the big one that displaces them all -the media and TV. All these ideologies are "gods" at work in the world today, trampling on the minds of the people. They don't want you to know that they are really "gods", otherwise you would be aware that they want to control your beliefs. These ideologies are leading many into a life of suffering, depression and worry, convincing many to make bad decisions, spreading bitterness, creating rivalry and divorce, and even blocking love. Ironically, many of their victims will blame the real God for their misfortunes because they didn't even realize they, or their parents, were not following his advice, his law.

Jeremiah 2:28
Where then are the gods you made for yourselves? Let them come if they can save you when you are in trouble! For you, Judah, have as many gods as you have towns.

For when you know God's law you can see the trap being set and you and your children can easily avoid it. We can use some encouragement here.

Proverbs 21:21
Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor.

Isaiah 3:9-10
Woe to them! They have brought disaster upon themselves. Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds.

So our faith in these promises will protect us and help us to recognize these traps along the way. For instance, the god of materialism uses money to tempt us and sees the biblical law "thou shall not covet" as enemy number one. In order to lure you into the trap of coveting which leads many to a life of greed, workaholism and debt, the god of materialism must first take away our fear of breaking the law, our fear of God. Without this fear and without the warning, we can be programmed and trained, just like we train animals. We can get a treat like money or a trip, or we can get facial expressions that subconsciously tells us "you need these things". The design of the facial expression network proves how this system works to first detect the expression, then to associate it with reward or punishment (see Research). When someone looks excited about a material item or even an educational degree, your brain says in envy, "I need one too". We don't recognize the power of the signal, because we have lost the warnings.

James 3:16
For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.

Job 5:2
Resentment kills a fool, and envy slays the simple.

I have wired up this system so I understand how it works and the warnings from 3,000 years ago are right on target. If you say, "I don't believe it", when you now see the engineering behind it, does that mean that you are "the simple"? So these various evils put stumbling blocks in our way, blocking our path to a joyful life. These gods are even at war with each other (see science vs philosophy vs religion) and use bitterness, (facial expressions that wire in punishment), to make us fear one another. This is how the gods of gossip, racism and feminism plant their seeds, through facial expression and sensationalism. Don't be fooled by them, they have organizational meetings to train their recruiters how to brainwash and sway the innocent. They first show you something good as bait (let's help these poor victims), then once they get you to trust them, that's when they feed you all the evil to make you one of them.

Proverbs 16:28
A perverse person stirs up conflict, and a gossip separates close friends.

When leaders from these groups rise to power in government or media, they fearlessly work to abrogate and change the laws once established by our Founding Fathers that come directly from the Bible. Soon an entire generation is no longer aware of the truths of the law; unaware of the warnings found in the law; unaware of the salvation that comes from the law, unaware of the suffering that comes from breaking the law. If only these people understood what the law actually says, they might come to realize that they would love the law. They would finally see that their suffering is a result of someone breaking the law. But because of the weakness of their flesh and their pride, they are oppressed without the law, only they just don't realize it (high college loans are just an example). Welcome to darkness 2017, you are blind to the law. It may be easy to blame priests for not teaching us the law, but the Lord made it clear that parents (elders) must also teach the law to the generation after them. Otherwise it would be easy for the law to be corrupted and changed.

Jeremiah 8:8
“‘How can you say, “We are wise, for we have the law of the Lord,” when actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely?

Ezekiel 7:3
Disaster comes upon disaster; rumor follows rumor. They seek a vision from the prophet, while the law perishes from the priest and counsel from the elders. The king mourns, the prince is wrapped in despair, and the hands of the people of the land are paralyzed by terror. According to their way I will do to them, and according to their judgments I will judge them, and they shall know that I am the Lord.”

Once the priests stop teaching from the law and create their own doctrine, the only way to return to the law is to overthrow the priest. This is not an easy thing to accomplish because of the influence the priest has over the people. History has recorded three events that resurrected the law: 1. Israel escaping from Egypt and Moses teaching the law; 2. Jesus Christ's exposure of the Pharisees corruption of the law and his sacrifice that led to the resurrection (of the true law) and even to the spreading of the law to gentiles; 3. The Pilgrims escaping the Church of Rome to resurrect the law in America.

William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation (more info)
“Last and not least, they [the Pilgrims] cherished a great hope and inward zeal of laying good foundations, or at least of making some way towards it, for the propagation and advance of the gospel of the kingdom of Christ in the remote parts of the world, even though they should be but stepping stones to others in the performance of so great a work.”

We can see the evidence there that Bradford knew the law and wanted to reestablish it in the new world so the world can see the fruit of the law at work. Now back at the time of Christ, Apostle Paul tells us that he doesn't even know the law.

Romans 7:7
Nevertheless, I would not have known what sin was had it not been for the law. For I would not have known what coveting really was if the law had not said, “You shall not covet". But sin, seizing the opportunity afforded by the commandment, produced in me every kind of coveting.

So here the Apostle Paul, a Jew and Roman citizen, in his testimony, is telling us that because of the priestcraft at the time of Christ, he didn't even know there was a moral law. (priestcraft is using religion for personal or political gain, not for God) So Paul was in fact a victim of sin; he was blind to the power that coveting produced in him. This is the evidence for all Jews to understand because it proves that Christ was justified in his rebellion against the Pharisees. Even Paul, a high ranking Jew at the time, didn't know the Lord's moral law which they were commanded to teach. The Pharisees were blind guides, blind to the law. The case against Christ should have been dismissed. But the Lord had a bigger plan, to bring his law to all nations, and it worked. So if you claim to be Christian, don't hold a grudge, you can't anyway with it because it's one of the laws.

Leviticus 19:10
Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.

So if you are anti-Semitic, you are guilty of breaking the law, and you are not a real Christian. If a priest or pastor teaches anti-Semitism or any bitterness towards another religion, they are blind guides too, no better than the Pharisees. When priests fall away from the way of the Lord, usually tempted by greed or pride, they stop teaching the moral law. When this happens, according to scripture, we are considered "dead in our sin", spiritually blind, and we are walking in darkness. After a few generations the new priests no longer even know the law because they have been taught differently, so we have "the blind" leading "the blind". And it really is a darkness, a naivety that leads us all astray. Controlled by our pride, envy and greed, the world sets traps for us, and we are led into a life of stress and worry and of course, a life of debt. Just about every commercial now uses brain research to lure their potential customers by tapping into the viewer's facial expression network or through the association with sports and media idols. It's a form of mind control, it's high-tech, and it works. The only thing that can stop it is advanced training to prepare us for the deception that lies ahead. Don't let the facial expressions of the people on comercials lure you to envy or want what they are pushing, they are trying to brainwash you (change your reward system). They are not simply informing you about a new product that you might need. When you actually read the Bible, you find out for yourself that this mental training is what it's all about. Here are some examples.

Proverbs 14:30
A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.

Ecclesiastes 4:4
And I saw that all toil and all achievement spring from one person’s envy of another. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.

Proverbs 16:18
Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

Proverbs 16:5
The Lord detests all the proud of heart. Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished.

Proverbs 22:7
The rich rule over the poor and the borrower is a slave to the lender"

Proverbs 6:25
Do not lust in your heart after her beauty or let her captivate you with her eyes.

As a result of our spiritual blindness, many leave the path and are lured into debt, a form of slavery to our creditors. Others succumb to addictions like drinking, drugs, even video games etc. Our lack of spiritual wisdom allows the rich to master us by tempting our human nature, something that today's younger generation no longer understands. Our Founding Fathers knew this would happen and they left us warnings (see The Pilgrims), but the world hid the warning from our history books. The Founding Fathers of America understood the values inspired by the biblical laws for a quality life and society in general. These biblical principles were etched in their minds and guided them in writing the Constitution as we can see from the writings they left behind. I am absolutely amazed by the intelligence found in scripture; it's more valuable to my life now than any of the world knowledge taught in college today. What good is it to be wealthy if you surrendered your soul to get there. You can't take it with you to your spiritual cloud drive. Our Founding Fathers understood the deception that sprung up from bad religion and the moral good that grows from good religion. We are supposed to plant moral seeds in our children and water them with our moral behavior, not tell them one thing and do the other. You want your children to respect you but you don't respect your spouse in front of them, instead they will oppress you, I know cause it happen to me, but you can repair the damage over time. You just have to humble yourselves and admit you made mistakes. Here are just a few examples of how our Founding Fathers would train their minds with the moral principles from scripture.

From "The Works of John Adams" (see full doc)
#17: Oh! that I could wear out of my mind every mean and base affectation; conquer my natural pride and self-conceit; expect no more deference from my fellows than I deserve; acquire that meekness and humility which are the sure mark and characters of a great and generous soul; subdue every unworthy passion, and treat all men as I wish to be treated by all. How happy should I then be in the favor and good will of all honest men and the sure prospect of a happy immortality!

The life of Benjamin Franklin pg 227
It was about this time I conceived the bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection. I wished to live without committing any fault at any time ; I would conquer all that either natural inclination, custom, or company might lead me into.

Where are these values in society today? In order to understand how we are now blinded by the world, we need to get to the proof of the matter- the neurons in the reward system of the brain. How the brain wires up our perceived rewards reveals the importance of these biblical laws, and why we need to teach them to our children when they are young. Our salvation gives us freedom from all these addictions and allows us to enjoy life, worry free. Without the worry of our children being lured into drugs and other temptations that the law and the fear of God will easily protect them from. Without even the worry about physical death because of the promise of everlasting life. The Bible teaches us how salvation was first lost through deception in the story of Adam and Eve. This is not a story about eating apples, another stumbling block by the world to keep us from taking it seriously. See Adam and Eve already had salvation, they had each other, they had food, they had love, they had protection, and they both trusted in the same law. They were like-minded; there was nothing to quarrel about. But evil (the snake) desired to rule them, so they were deceived to believe they were lacking something of great value. The snake convinced Eve that she could be equal to God if only she had more knowledge. In order to deceive them, the snake had to first remove their trust in the Lord. He did this through slandering, telling them that the Lord was withholding something good from them and that they wouldn't die. He used the weakness of their pride to lead them to believe they could be as wise as God.

Genesis 3:1-6
He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?” The woman said to the serpent, “We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden, but God did say, ‘You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.’” “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” The woman saw that the tree had fruit that was good to eat, nice to look at, and desirable for making someone wise. So she took some of the fruit and ate it. She also gave some to her husband.

Here we see the first example of the law being broken. The book of Leviticus, chapter 19, contains many of the biblical laws. (see laws)

Leviticus 19:16
You shall not go around as a slanderer among your people

-Psalm 101:5
Whoever slanders their neighbor in secret, I will put to silence; whoever has haughty eyes and a proud heart, I will not tolerate.

Lesson #1: Don't be fooled by someone who slanders people behind their back. Evil (Satan), looking to control the woman for his own gain, to get her off the Lord's path and on his, deceived her into thinking that the Lord was using his rules "to hold her back". He did this without the Lord being there to expain how his law was for her protection and the death he was protecting her from was a spiritual death, not a physical one. A death that she would later discover has actually led to her own suffering and even worse, the senseless death of her child (thorns and thistles). So whenever you hear someone talking about someone behind their back, block your ears because they are likely trying to deceive and control you. Otherwise they would invite the other party and have an open discussion. We see this happening on a large scale with discrimination. Groups organized to separate us by religion, race, and even gender speak to their members in secret, without the other party present. People who do these things want to control you and separate you into their group without allowing you to hear another opinion.

Next, evil tempts her to eat the "fruit" by taking away her fear, the fear of the Lord telling her she will die. But what is she actually eating? Many think an apple, but that's not what the story says. What is this "fruit" she is being tempted to eat that looks so good?

Proverbs 1:31
they will eat the fruit of their ways and be filled with the fruit of their schemes.

Jeremiah 17:10
“I the Lord search the heart and test the mind, to give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his deeds.

Job 34:2-3
“Hear my words, you wise men; listen to me, you men of learning. For the ear tests words as the tongue tastes food.

So now we can see the real temptation is not a fruit we eat with our mouth, but a fruit we eat with our ears, the fruit of our ways, our schemes and deeds. The fruit of bad advice. Now the story is starting to make more sense. In order to stay on the right path, we now see a second lesson.

Leviticus 19:14
Do not curse the deaf or put a stumbling block in front of the blind, but fear your God. I am the Lord.

Lesson #2: Don't be fooled by someone who tells you not to fear the Lord. After wiring up the brain and understanding the power that fear has to protect us from accepting new "rewards" and to stop our old habits from leading us into sin, I have an incredible delight in the fear of the Lord. See, our habits are stored in our cerebellum (see Brain Maps) and the control of our limbs from the cerebellum to the motor cortex flow through the Thalamus Ventral lateral nucleus (VL). In order to inhibit your spontaneous habits, fear from the Amygdala signals the Sub-Thalamic nucleus which inhibits the signals from the cerebellum. Also fear from the Amygdala turns off your trust circuit and blocks the learning of new rewards, by preventing the release of the neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine deficiency is the cause of memory loss in Alzheimer's so you can understand that without it, you can't form new memories or rewards. This is also why politicans smile and tell jokes, because it turns on your trust circuit so you can be influenced by their words. So fear of breaking God's law = protection from temptations as proven by brain research and breaking of bad habits. (I talk about this more in "The Servant"). Oh, what a wonderfully engineered system the Lord has designed. We need this fear to stay on the path. We need to teach our children "the law" while they are younger and trust us, before they become rebellious. Once "the world" turns our children against us, we can no longer teach them; it's too late. Now we will have to wait till they are older and have suffered from their ways, before we can lead them back. The main purpose of this lie science calls "evolution" is to take away our children's fear and allow the world to master them. To have them eat their fruit.

Psalm 111:10
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding.

Proverbs 1:7
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

The second part of this law, don't curse the deaf or put a stumbling block in front of the blind, does not mean don't swear at someone who can't hear or trip someone who can't see. It means don't lead someone who never heard the law into a cursed lifestyle and don't prevent someone who doesn't understand the law from finding the real truth. Don't you see how intelligent these words are? It took me over three years to finally understand this because my priest put a stumbling block before me. But the Lord moved the obstacles out of my way so I could finally see what I was tripping over. Many priests are good at doing both of these things in order to control people for their own profit. So be careful who you trust and know the law yourself, then you can find a good pastor or priest.  So what did all this worldly knowledge get Adam and Eve? It appears nothing but a cursed life full of pain and suffering, much like the lives many are living today. But they didn't just curse their own lives, they caused thorns and thistles to grow.

Genesis 3:17
And to the man he said, "Because you listened to your wife, and you ate from the tree from which I commanded you saying, 'You shall not eat of it,' cursed be the ground for your sake; with toil shall you eat of it all the days of your life. And it will cause thorns and thistles to grow for you, and you shall eat the herbs of the field.

And here Christ explains the fruit and the meaning of the thorns and thistles that comes from his teaching of the Adam and Eve story.

Matthew 7:15-18 True and False Prophets
“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.

So Adam and Eve ate the "BAD" fruit and now they would suffer the consequences. Now you might have heard that Eve's curse was only during childbirth like the first translation from the NIV reads, however if you go to the original text, the Torah, we see that it means much more.

Genesis 3:16
To the woman he said, “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.”

Genesis 3:16 (from the Torah translation)
Unto the woman He said: 'I will greatly multiply thy pain and thy travail; in pain thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

The word travail means painful or laborious effort. This pain seems to extend through her entire life, not just in childbirth, even to raising the children and getting along with her husband as well. That's why you have to really study scripture in multiple translations to understand it. Can we see this curse at work in society today? Are women Today being tempted into getting more "knowledge" by being told that someone is holding them back. And if they eat this fruit, does their life become more peaceful or more stressful? Something to consider since the Lord promised us that if we follow his law, we will live an easy, blessed life. That doesn't mean we will be wealthy, maybe, maybe not, but we will be happy and healthy with love and many children. He also warned us that if we don't follow the law, and chose instead to do it "our way", we may be walking into a trap. A trap that can cause stress from the lifestyle we choose. A trap that can lead us to sickness, poverty and confusion of the mind (ADHD, BiPolar, etc). Here is a list of some of the curses the Lord predicts will happen to us if we don't follow his advice, his law. (see curses)

Psalm 119
Blessed are those whose ways are blameless, who walk according to the law of the Lord.

Deuteronomy 27:26
“Cursed is anyone who does not uphold the words of this law by carrying them out.”

James 1:25
But whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues in it—not forgetting what they have heard, but doing it—they will be blessed in what they do.

Deuteronomy 11:26-28
Today I’m giving you the choice of a blessing or a curse. You’ll be blessed if you obey the commands of the Lord your God that I’m giving you today. You’ll be cursed if you disobey the commands of the Lord your God, if you turn from the way I’m commanding you to live today.

See, those who want to control us, to profit from us, to hide salvation from us, need to put stumbling blocks in front of us to prevent us from finding the Lord's path. They need to teach us that we don't have to fear the Lord first in order to control us. Search your Bible App for "Fear the Lord" or "Fear God" and you will get over 80 matches. They do this by saying that the Lord is a loving God, or don't follow the Old Testament, it's outdated. They even go as far as to claim that Christ is the Lord who came down in a human body so we believe that the Lord is like Christ. It's a trap and by understanding how the brain works, we can now see it. Even Christ himself feared the Lord to the point of sacrificing his own body on the cross and openly claimed he was doing the will of his Father in heaven. So where is the spirit of Satan now?  It's in the reward system of everyone who loves money, spreading by tempting others into a life of greed. So fear the Lord and be careful to stay on the path that leads to salvation and not death.

Matthew 10:28
Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One (God) who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

Acts 9:31
So the church throughout all Judea and Galilee and Samaria had peace and was being built up. And walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, it multiplied.

Even Jesus' mother Mary knew to fear him.

Luke 1:47,50,54
And Mary said, “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, His mercy is for those who fear him from generation to generation. He has helped his servant Israel, in remembrance of his mercy.

Psalm 140:5
The arrogant have hidden a snare for me; they have spread out the cords of their net and have set traps for me along my path.

Isaiah 11:2-4
There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit. And the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord. And his delight shall be in the fear of the Lord. He shall not judge by what his eyes see, or decide disputes by what his ears hear, but with righteousness he shall judge the poor, and decide with equity for the meek of the earth; and he shall strike the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips he shall kill the wicked.

Even our Founding Fathers knew the Bible because they studied it, and could easily detect the priestcraft that could take away your fear and trap you in a life of sin.

From "The Works of John Adams" (see)
#15: The Church of Rome has made it an article of faith that no man can be saved out of their church, and all other religious sects approach to this dreadful opinion in proportion to their ignorance, and the influence of ignorant or wicked priests.

But the Lord wanted to test us because he knew that our stubbornness will prevent us from being happy in his ways, unless we suffered first doing it "our way". He gave us a path back to his way of peaceful living, and a path back to everlasting life, and a book to show us the way. Not just an easy, more peaceful life of love, family and friends, but also an everlasting life beyond this earth.

Genesis 3:22
Then the Lord God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of us in knowing good and evil. Now, lest he reach out his hand and take also of the tree of life and eat, and live forever—

So there it is. If only we knew where to find this "tree of life" that we might never die. That we might not worry about our physical death which often consumes our life. Do you believe there is a way back to this promise of everlasting life?

Well, a few years ago I would have said I'm not really sure. But now after 6 years of wiring up the brain, as an aerospace engineer, I believe that it's not only possible, it's probable. Let's think about this. Just ten years ago would you have believed that all your data on your cell phone including pictures, videos, messages, etc, could be backed up in "THE CLOUD" wirelessly and if you dropped your phone in the toilet and it "DIED", you could get another and download all your "Stuff" back from the cloud like nothing ever happened. Heck, just 30 years ago if you told me that someday I would be able to call someone from my car, I would have thought you were crazy. But now that I know our brain has the wiring of over 34,500 i7 processors and the wiring is so advanced that it can process live vision to detect faces and facial expressions and such (see Brain Maps). This blows away our understanding of electronics and yet we can back things up in the cloud. So maybe we should start putting more of our focus on searching for this "Tree of Life" and get our data backed up.

Let's start with the misconceptions first. Many Christians believe that it's OK to sin because their priest tells them Christ died for our sins. Now on the surface, that may sound right. But what is our sin anyway? We didn't even know that sin was the breaking of the law because the law has been hidden from us, we are blind in our sin.

1 John 3:4 Everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness.

Romans 7:7 What shall we say, then? Is the law sinful? Certainly not! Nevertheless, I would not have known what sin was had it not been for the law. For I would not have known what coveting really was if the law had not said, “You shall not covet

Well you might think nobody is perfect, and you might have heard it said that "we are born sinners". Again, by removing the fear of the Lord, we have been deceived and led right into sin. Because we are blind to the law, we don't realize that our "sin" is causing great harm to others, especially our children. For instance, did you know that favoring one child over another is sinning? I have suffered a great deal in my childhood because my father favored me, my own sister hated me. Then I read about the story of Joseph and understand what happened. And there it is in the law, don't show favoritism. If only my father knew this, he went to church every Sunday, but the priest hid the law from him and instead replaced it with human rules, and his children suffered.

James 2:8-11
If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing right. But if you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the law as lawbreakers. For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.

Then do you think it's OK to gossip, slander, covet, steal, commit adultry, quarrel, hold a grudge, or seek revenge? If you do these things will you not also hurt yourself in the process? Grudges can lead to a lifetime of suffering.

Proverbs 4:16
For they cannot rest until they do evil; they are robbed of sleep till they make someone stumble.

Christ makes it clear that if we continue to sin, we are "DEAD", slaves to our sin; we are not yet on the path to everlasting life. Not meaning a death of the physical body, but a death of our spirit. This is why the Lord sends us a messenger; to show us that we are sinning by teaching us the law that was hidden by the priest. Then leading us back on the path to our salvation through a baptism of repentance.

Luke 9:60
Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God.”

2 Corinthians 7:10
For Godly sorrow brings repentance (teshuva) that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death.

Romans 2:4-5 Do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, forbearance and patience, not realizing that God’s kindness is intended to lead you to repentance?

Luke 24:44-47
He said to them, “This is what I told you while I was still with you: Everything must be fulfilled that is written about me in the law of Moses (Torah), the Prophets and the Psalms.” Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures. He told them, “This is what is written: The Messiah will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.

The Bible is very clear what baptism is for, washing away your sins and getting back to the law. But yet some religions still baptize infants who haven't even sinned yet and can't repent.

Mark 1:4
And so John the Baptist appeared in the wilderness, preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.

I don't understand how anyone can think that an infant can repent. So let's look at the brain map for help. By design, we have two systems at work that control our behavior. The Orbital Frontal Cortex (OFC) and the Pre Frontal Cortex (PFC). The OFC is active at birth and connects to our sensory recognition circuits so when you see, smell, taste, touch, hear then you decide from memory reflex (from a sensory perspective only) if you "want it" or should "avoid it". If you "want it", the circuit is wired to your dopamine region called the ventral tegmental area (VTA). If what you "want" is a sinful behavior that causes stress (like revenge), you become a slave to it through this system. This is how drug addiction works in the brain. If you "avoid it" (it's a punishment), the circuit is instead wired to the lateral habenula (LHb) which fires the rostromedial tegmental (RMTg) which acts like a brake, turning off the dopamine from the VTA. Now the PFC can override the OFC but it takes 20 years to mature. The PFC stores our moral values and laws and with this system humans (since animals don't have a large PFC) can decide if these things are good or evil, right or wrong, valuable or worthless. So in a biblical sense, the OFC is our flesh and the PFC is our spirit. When a child is young, the only way to teach them good and bad is through the sensory feedback of the OFC with either harsh words, facial expression or by using the rod of disclipine (not your hand) because they can't reason yet. At this age, pain sets the negative reward circuity in place to the (RTMg), so don't be fooled by people who call themselves experts and want to put your children on drugs to control them, then you need to keep pay them, that is their trap. They will say that parents are evil if they should discipline their children this way, so children won't trust their parents. Isn't this the snake at work here, this is how evil spreads.

Proverbs 13:24
Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.

Proverbs 23:13-14
Do not withhold correction from a child, For if you beat him with a rod, he will not die. You shall beat him with a rod, And deliver his soul from hell

Now a time of maturing comes when the PFC can override the OFC in the executive control of behavior. This is the time for a baptism, the birth of the spirit that will now accept that the Torah law is good and breaking it is bad; the baptism that wires up the Holy Spirit in us. By wiring up sinful behavior as a punishment to the (RMTg) we can finally see how this spiritual healing process works.

We might compare these regions of the prefrontal cortex with a traffic light" says Stefanie Hardung. "Specific subareas of the PFC are responsible for inhibition, while others take care of movement preparation and excitation. see Traffic light in the brain

Contrary to what today's child psychiatrist tells us, children don't need ADHD medication or antidepressants that shut everything chemically by blocking Serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or increasing dopamine. Children don't have a fully developed PFC to regulate their behavior like adults do. Children have an OFC that reacts to pain and pleasure to change the brain's circuitry. Adults however, can accomplish the same thing through a baptism of repentance, changing our internal wiring to giving us a drug free, permanent spiritually healing using our PFC. This system is an amazing gift from our Creator to show his mercy for his people. They now have a build in internal circuitry pathway to help them to turn from their ways and stop bad behavior. But it requires faith (trust) to activate the system in adults.  For children, they need to use their pain and punishment networks created by discipline and spanking if necessary to build in the circuit. This biblical and brain research is proven century old knowledge that is currently being hidden from us by psychiatrist's who profit from selling drugs and providing treatments.   Of course they don't want parents to know this biblical command given to parents so evil can contintue to live and spread. Remember, the devil temps us with money to get us to do his dirty work.

Matthew 3:11
“I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.

Acts 2:38
Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

So does this mean that it is harmful to baptize an infant with water? In my opinion, only if it prevents the child from getting baptized when they are older since the infant won't remember it. Then does a submersion in water mean you are baptized with the same baptism as Christ? Not at all, only if you accept the way of the Lord, the Torah law, as your way. And to do this, you have to "know the law" first.

Mark 10:38
“You don’t know what you are asking,” Jesus said. “Can you drink the cup I drink or be baptized with the baptism I am baptized with?”

If baptism was that easy, Christ wouldn't have asked that question and certainly an infant cannot make a life decision like that. Only a maturing adult can. Which brings us back to Abraham, we see he was also baptized in the same way Christ was.

Genesis 18:19
For I have chosen him, so that he will direct his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is right and just, so that the Lord will bring about for Abraham what he has promised him.

So what Christ is really telling us is that he is baptized with the law, he is a son of the Torah law (first 5 books), a son of God. He is the way of the Lord. He has the Holy Spirit in his heart and mind through the meditation of the Torah law.

John 14:6
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

1 Corinthians 6:19
Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

Absolutely he is. He loves the law, it's in his heart and he follows it.

Psalm 40:7-8
Then I said, “Here I am, I have come— it is written about me in the scroll. I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart.

He is the living example of the law in the mind of a man, the Word of God, the way of the Lord. He has the true wisdom, the living water we are all thirsty for.

John 1:14
And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us,

In Hebrew, bar mitzvah means "son of commandments" or "son of law". When the law is in our mind, the Lord is our God and we call him father. Things are finally starting to make sense. So was Christ really the Son of God? Absolutely, by the Lord's own words. Was Christ a biological son like your priest may tell you? Well, what do you think now? If you don't know what it means to be a Son of God, you are blind to the truth and your priest is really your father (your master), not the Lord. Christ's truth has been lost by many religions and many are trapped in their sins. So, if you were baptized as an infant, go to church, don't repent, don't follow the way of the Lord, his law, and instead do things "your way", then Christ says you are part of the "world" and you don't know him. No wonder why we are suffering, we have lost the way to our salvation.

Matthew 7:19-23
Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them. “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!

That is the message Christ came to tell. In the last section (The Servant) we speak about repentance. Now that we have finally come to fear the Lord and repent, we need to get ourselves on the "right" path that leads to everlasting life. This will be our salvation, finding this path. That is why the Lord said he will "move the obstacles out of the way of my people" and create a "way in the wilderness". In the Adam and Eve story, the Lord gave them a chance to repent before they lost their salvation, but they made excuses for their sin.

Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?” The man said, “The woman you put here with me—she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.” Then the Lord God said to the woman, “What is this you have done?” The woman said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.”

They knew they were guilty and hid from the Lord because their shame would be exposed. Because of their pride, they blamed their sin on someone else, otherwise they would have overcome the sin right there. They lost their salvation and were cursed because they didn't repent, and we know what happened next, their oldest son Cain killed Able. They passed their sin on to the next generation.

Numbers 14:18
The Lord is slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin and rebellion. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation.’

Ezekiel 33:11
Say to them, ‘As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live. Turn! Turn from your evil ways! Why will you die, people of Israel?’

Proverbs 4:20-22
My son, pay attention to what I say; turn your ear to my words. Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; for they are life to those who find them and health to one’s whole body.

Proverbs 11:30
The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and the one who is wise saves lives.

So here we see in Proverbs that a righteous person produces FRUIT and with that fruit he can save someone's life. So we finally begin to understand that the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil are not actual trees that produce fruit we eat in our stomach. They are a type of fruit we eat and digest in our mind. These spiritual fruits become seeds that grow in our mind, wiring our neurons to create our reward system and control our behavior. You need to get the right advice from a wise person otherwise your "REWARDS" might really be a punishment. Search the Bible for the word "Fruit" and learn to understand what it really means. So a "good" tree produces "good fruit" and an "evil tree" produces "bad fruit". So then what does the tree of the knowledge of "good" and "evil" produce? Deception of course. Why? Because both types of fruit are on the tree. You think you are eating good fruit but it turns out that you were deceived and it was actually "bad" advice that led to the suffering in your life. For example, you may believe getting advanced degrees is a good thing. But it could lead you into debt, causing you to work your life away to make the money to pay back your loans. Then all this work you put into your job takes so much of your time that it causes you to not find a spouse and get married. If you do find someone you destroy the relationship because you have no time for them or your job stress drives them away from you. Now one day when you are older and lonely, your time to have children has passed you by, your childless and unloved, your going to look back and say did I eat from the tree of life or from the tree of good and evil? One thing is for sure, the ones who deceive us, do it for pride, profits and greed. They are not your servants.

Ephesians 2:1-5 As for you, you were dead in your transgressions and sins, in which you used to live when you followed the ways of this world and of the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient. All of us also lived among them at one time, gratifying the cravings of our flesh and following its desires and thoughts. Like the rest, we were by nature deserving of wrath. But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved.

We are now dead in the way of sin because the law has been hidden from us. We need someone to save us; a teacher to come and open our eyes, to show us the light, to lead us out of the darkness to a life of peace, prosperity and even a life everlasting. Someone to resurrect us from our spiritual death, back to the values that led to the forming of all great nations, back the way of the Lord; back to his law (the Torah). So the Lord sends his messengers (servants) to us, to teach us how sin is controlling us and how to recognize sin by finally knowing the law, then how the Lord is merciful and will accept us back if we repent. Noah, Job, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, Elijah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and Jesus were all considered servants of the Lord because they followed the law. They are all part of the tree of life because they have passed on their wisdom to the next generation and even recorded it in a book for us. Where would mankind be without the Bible? The same book the Founding Fathers of America used for guidance and the understanding of moral law and justice. So a servant doesn't look to make a profit off of you. The servant doesn't say, "I'll cure you for $5,000, what kind of insurance do you have"? That is why he is a servant, otherwise he would be serving himself. Once we know the law we have the advice that will lead us to a happy, healthy life and even everlasting life. We can all live together well without quarreling as a family and a community because we "believe" in the same laws. We follow them "faithfully". We have strong "faith" that these laws will lead to our peace and everlasting life. That they will protect our children. When you finally understand this and get yourself back on the right path, you are no longer worried about death since you are "backed up" in the cloud, you are no longer anxious about everything and you will finally have peace. This is your salvation and it feels great!

So Jesus, "the teacher", sums our path to salvation up in just these two commandments.

Matthew 22:36-39 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.

This comes from the laws in Leviticus. This is a great law but the full law was not written by Matthew or Luke and I feel stongly that, with all the brain research, it is the most crucial part to end our bitterness and suffering and move forward to a life of peace. The law tells us "do not seek revenge or bear a grudge".

Leviticus 19:10
“‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.

If you have read about Joseph in the Bible and all the suffering his brothers put him through including mocking, throwing him in a well and even selling him into salvery. If Joseph didn't hold a grudge against his brothers, then all of us can certainly forgive too. Because of his suffering, Joseph would later end up in a position to save his people from starvation.

Genesis 50:15-20
When Joseph’s brothers saw that their father was dead, they said, “What if Joseph holds a grudge against us and pays us back for all the wrongs we did to him?” So they sent word to Joseph, saying, “Your father left these instructions before he died: ‘This is what you are to say to Joseph: I ask you to forgive your brothers the sins and the wrongs they committed in treating you so badly.’ Now please forgive the sins of the servants of the God of your father.” When their message came to him, Joseph wept. His brothers then came and threw themselves down before him. “We are your slaves,” they said. But Joseph said to them, “Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God? You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. So then, don’t be afraid. I will provide for you and your children.” And he reassured them and spoke kindly to them.

Imagine how great you would feel if you can accomplish this. This is the brain-bible connection right here because if we can truly forgive from our heart, and not let our PRIDE control us, we actually change our brain circuits. The old circuits leading to our stress like getting back at someone, or the old memory of the past hurts are causing circuits to fire. And these circuits are connected directly from our recognition circuits in our perirhinal cortex to our orbital fontal lobe. So just looking at the person you have a grudge against, fires these circuits in milliseconds. Circuits that lead to the amygdala, then to your hypothalamus, raising our blood pressure and causing our stress. We must forgive, otherwise we are breaking the LAW!

Psalm 18:25-27
With the merciful you show yourself merciful; with the blameless man you show yourself blameless; with the purified you show yourself pure; and with the crooked you make yourself seem tortuous. For you save a humble people, but the haughty eyes (arrogant) you bring down.

So let's do a quick test to find out who is currently your god.

Question: Do you quarrel with and/or curse your boss who pays you, your parents, or even your spouse?

If your answer is that you would never quarrel with your boss but you do quarrel or curse your parents or your spouse, then money is one of your gods.

So if you love making money, and you fear losing your job, then you have already proven to yourself that fear can easily control your behavior and stop you from sinning.

Now if you love the Lord, just think of what you can change if you fear him. After all, if there is really a heaven and hell, hell would seem a much worse place to be than unemployed.

Finding the Tree of Life

So where does all this lead to? Well, the Lord tells us that only if we follow his commands, then he will be our God. So in a very clear way, he is telling us that our god(s) are what we follow. That is why in scripture, when the word God is used, it is most often written as "the Lord our God" by those who follow his laws. When the word god is capitalized in the Bible it refers to the Lord our God, not other gods. This is to clarify which god they are speaking about. There were many gods at the time but only one "True" God. There are many Bible verses that support this position. Here are some of them.

Jeremiah 7:23
but I gave them this command: Obey me, and I will be your God and you will be my people. Walk in obedience to all I command you, that it may go well with you.

Jeremiah 31:33
“This is the covenant I will make with the people of Israel after that time,” declares the Lord. “I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people.

Jeremiah 31:33 Orthodox Jewish Bible
But this shall be the Brit that I will cut with Bais Yisroel; After those days, saith Hashem, I will set My Torah in them inwardly, and I will write ketuvim on their hearts; and I will be their Elohim, and they shall be My People.

This shows us that the Torah is the law he wants us to follow and put in our minds and in our hearts.

Why Atheism Doesn't Even Exist

All humans (but not animals) have a large prefrontal cortex and live by the laws we have accepted as good and evil. By the nature of our design, we all have a god, it's a simple fact of our biology and the brain maps prove it.  So if you go to church and the priest speaks about "god" in general, for instance, god says this or god says that, then who's god is he talking about? Everyone in the church could be following a different god. It just depends on what they believe.  And by their behavior each person can spread their false god beliefs to others, if we believe they are really "godly".  So if you claim you are an Atheist, then by your own confession you show that the world has fooled you and they have become your god.  Your god is likely the god of money, or science or Darwin, or the media, or possibly even yourself. The world fools us by telling us to be who we are. What they really mean is, don't follow the Lord's law, be like us. If who you are happens to be against the world's point of view, the world attacks you. What hypocrites. The Bible warns us that if you follow your own path or light your own fire, it's not going to turn out well.

Isaiah 50:11
But now, all you who light fires and provide yourselves with flaming torches, go, walk in the light of your fires and of the torches you have set ablaze. This is what you shall receive from my hand: You will lie down in torment.

James 4:4
You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.

I tried to live my life without God's laws, mainly because I never heard of God's laws. The world told me that all I needed was a college degree and to receive holy communion each week, and I believed it. The world also told me I evolved and I believed it. But soon my wife and children were rebelling; they followed everything they saw on TV and the ways of other people in town. If I tried to guide them, they said I was the problem. The world had overpowered me in my own home; I didn't see it coming and I didn't have the wisdom to stop it. I was on the wrong path that's for sure; this was surely a path that leads to stress and even death. What I really needed was the real tree of life, the law that I never knew existed. And then, by chance, I finally discovered the law. Now, for the most part, my family is more like-minded and I love my wife more than ever before. It's easy to love someone who speaks gently to you and respects you and it's easy to respect somebody who submits to God's law and not their own worldly imagination. So when I repented, humbled myself and changed my ways, my wife began respecting me. There is a lot of communication that we received through facial expression and body language that we now understand through the brain maps which the Bible calls haughty eyes. So I am so thankful for this law and after all this research of the Bible, the Pilgrims and the Founding Fathers I have come to the conclusion that America would never have been established if it wasn't for this law. It's where all our justice and morality comes from and it was painstakingly preserved for thousands of years initially with the Jews. So we owe them a huge debt of gratitude because not only did they record the law by hand, they had to suffer the punishments of breaking the law. All these stories are in the Bible, the oldest history book in the world. When you read the law and you study the Founding Fathers of America, you know that it was this law that was on their minds when they wrote the Constitution.

So now the tree of life, I will show you, is the knowledge of the covenant law, the Torah (which is the first five books of the Bible written by Moses) that brings life; past down from parents to children through the ancestry tree. So then how do you eat its fruit?

Jeremiah 3:14-15
Return, faithless children, declares the Lord; for I possessed you; I will take you, one from a city and two from a family, and I will bring you to Zion. And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.

When you eat from this tree you don't swallow and digest its fruit with your stomach, rather you hear and digest this fruit with your mind. The law is then self preserved by the instructions in the law. The law says that parents must teach their children the law, and the law also says that the children must respect and learn from their parents with the promise of a long life if they do. Now just like a fruit tree that drops its fruit on the ground, if it lands in good soil the seed sprouts and produces its roots. Roots that, if watered correctly, will grow into another tree, the same kind of tree. So in the same way the parents put the seed in their children when they teach them the law, that seed grows and matures in them so they become fruitful and produce more children. Just like the fruit tree this process continues till the tree stops producing fruit or gets no more living water, the continual hearing of the law.

This is starting to sound like Christ's parables now which we will discuss later. To be sure, let's look at the setting for the tree of life from the Adam and Eve Story.

Genesis 3:24
After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life.

Exodus 25:16
Then put in the ark the tablets of the covenant law, which I will give you.

Deuteronomy 31:26
“Take this Book of the law and place it beside the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God. There it will remain as a witness against you.

So the Book of the law was next to the ark and the tablets of the covenant law are in the ark and Moses was instructed to setup the tent of meeting with its main entrance facing east.

Numbers 3:38
Moses and Aaron and his sons were to camp to the east of the tabernacle, toward the sunrise, in front of the tent of meeting.

And a curtain with cherubim woven into it is to be hung in front of the ark.

Exodus 26:31-33
“Make a curtain of blue, purple and scarlet yarn and finely twisted linen, with cherubim woven into it by a skilled worker. Hang it with gold hooks on four posts of acacia wood overlaid with gold and standing on four silver bases. Hang the curtain from the clasps and place the ark of the covenant law behind the curtain. (this is east of the ark) The curtain will separate the Holy Place (east end) from the Most Holy Place (west end).

So the main entrance is facing east and the ark is placed in the back, west end of the tent of meeting. The east and west sides were 13.5 ft wide and the north and south sides were 45 ft each. The ark with the covenant law was placed in the back west of the tent and there was a curtain on the east side of the ark that blocked the way into the back chamber called the Most Holy Place. The flaming sword that flashed to guard the tree of life is an arc of fire (high voltage) that comes from the ark of the covenant. I will explain the engineering that I believe shows how it worked in another section. That is why the priests were told to stay behind the curtain as there was grounded gold pillars to protect them from the arcing, then only one day a year on the Day of Atonement, could the high priest approach the ark and study the Book of law. It was in this way that the Book of law was protected so it could not be changed. Anyone else who got close to the ark would die. This is how we know the word of God was true, the tree of life was protected.

Leviticus 10:1-2
The Death of Nadab and Abihu when then entered the Most Holy Place past the curtain in front of the Ark.
Aaron’s sons Nadab and Abihu took their censers, put fire in them and added incense; and they offered unauthorized fire before the Lord, contrary to his command. So fire came out from the presence of the Lord and consumed them, and they died before the Lord.

So it's the Word of God, his covenant law, his Torah, that is the tree of life.  A peaceful life, an everlasting life, and the way, was stored behind the curtain with cherubim woven into it so we can easily find it.

The flaming sword was not put there to prevent us from finding the tree of life (the Torah law) and reading it, it was put there to guard it so nobody could change it. There was even a pillar of fire above the tent to help you find it.

Now the Torah, (the Law) is not the entire Bible, only the first five books written by Moses, (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) and these books contain the way to our salvation and our joy. They were not to be changed because the human brain doesn't change; only our gods can change which are the moral laws we install in our prefrontal cortex.

Deuteronomy 4:2
Do not add to what I command you and do not subtract from it, but keep the commands of the Lord your God that I give you.

Now all we have to do is eat these words from the law, (found in your Bible) to live forever and never die. When you eat food you must digest it and it becomes part of you, in the same way you can't just read the words, they have to be digested in your mind and grow in your heart; you have to meditate (water them) so they (the neurons) will grow.

Jeremiah 15:16
When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, Lord God Almighty.

Now we can understand the fruit that Adam and Eve had eaten. And so if we eat from the tree of life, these words of law will be like a seed in your mind just like Christ spoke of in his Parable of the Sower.

Matthew 13:18-23
“Listen then to what the parable of the sower means: When anyone hears the message about the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what was sown in their heart. This is the seed sown along the path. The seed falling on rocky ground refers to someone who hears the word and at once receives it with joy. But since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away. The seed falling among the thorns refers to someone who hears the word, but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word, making it unfruitful. But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it.

Matthew 13:36-43
The Parable of the Weeds Explained
His disciples came to him and said, “Explain to us the parable of the weeds in the field.” He answered, “The one who sowed the good seed is the Son of Man. The field is the world, and the good seed stands for the people of the kingdom. The weeds are the people of the evil one, and the enemy who sows them is the devil. The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels. “As the weeds are pulled up and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of the age. The Son of Man will send out his angels, and they will weed out of his kingdom everything that causes sin and all who do evil. They will throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Whoever has ears, let them hear.

John Adams knew the law and (see #17 above) he speaks about the humility that comes from the law, which he obviously has in his heart, that leads to his nation of Utopia. He is not fooled by false religions as he can read the word of God himself. He obviously knows that he has to protect the law from government tyranny, so it cannot be tampered with like it was in England, which is why they created the first amendment of the Constitution. It's America's flaming sword.

Ronald Regan
To those who cite the first amendment as reason for excluding God from more and more of our institutions and everyday life, may I just say: The first amendment of the Constitution was not written to protect the people of this country from religious values; it was written to protect religious values from government tyranny.

So now we who are dead in our sin, only if we find God's law and follow it, can we get back on the path that leads to our salvation and our joy, the way to everlasting life, the kingdom of God. Don't believe any other doctrine from any other religion that says you don't have to follow the law, the word of God, it's a lie. The law is to be in your heart; so you have to know it. If the law is in your heart, it becomes your new spirit; the Holy Spirit that brings peace and everlasting life.

Ezekiel 18:30-32 “I will judge each of you according to your own ways, declares the Sovereign Lord. Repent! Turn away from all your offenses; then sin will not be your downfall. Rid yourselves of all the offenses you have committed, and get a new heart and a new spirit. Why will you die, people of Israel? For I take no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Sovereign Lord. Repent and live!

Proverbs 4:20-22
My son, pay attention to what I say; turn your ear to my words. Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; for they are life to those who find them and health to one’s whole body.

Ezekiel 37:13-14
Then you, my people, will know that I am the Lord, when I open your graves and bring you up from them. I will put my Spirit in you and you will live, and I will settle you in your own land. Then you will know that I the Lord have spoken, and I have done it, declares the Lord.’”

Without the spirit created by the knowledge of the law, we are considered as the walking dead to the Lord, easily led into all kinds of sin. By the understanding of our brain circuits it can be clearly seen that we install a law in our prefrontal cortex (PFC) that eventually directs our lives. This is how our spirit is formed in the prefrontal cortex.

How the Brain Processes Emotion and Reward from our Senses
What can also be clearly seen is the effect that images have on our orbital frontal cortex (OFC). This is why the Lord warns us not to worship images of any living thing since both the orbital and prefrontal cortex have connections to your reward system but the prefrontal cortex has the power to inhibit the orbital. You want your life and your children's lives to be guided by the laws you have recorded in the prefrontal cortex (PFC: what you know), not by some statue, stained glass window or music. (OFC: what you see and hear)

Isaiah 11:3-4
He will not judge by what he sees with his eyes, or decide by what he hears with his ears; (ie, images and sounds stored in his orbital frontal cortex) but with righteousness he will judge the needy, with justice he will give decisions for the poor of the earth. (ie, laws stored in his prefrontal cortex)

The prefrontal cortex does not fully develop till age 20 and it establishes our maturity. Without knowing the law, you will have to go back to church each week just to look at the statues and windows and hear music to feel better, what a trap.

Let me give you an example of these two systems at work. You are watching a horror movie and a scary face appears on the screen. The face is recognized in the temporal lobe, wired to the orbital frontal cortex (OFC) where it immediately fires the amygdala and makes you initially jump with fear. But from the OFC it's also forwarded up the prefrontal cortex (PFC) and if you are mature enough your PFC knows that it's not real and inhibits the signal from the OFC to the amygdala and you begin to laugh instead. A young child has the OFC wired up already but not the maturity circuits in the PFC and now ends up with nightmares.   (see Brain Maps)

If you have the law memorized in your prefrontal cortex and it is your reward to follow it, then the Lord your God is with you wherever you go, as the scripture says. Now the Covenant law was given to just a few in the beginning and they were assigned the great responsibility of recording and teaching the law to their children after them. I can attest to the power of this law to bring us peace, it changed my life. A good teacher remained as part of the tree while a bad teacher is eventually pruned off because their descendants eventually die off because of their sin. But the root of the tree is the law itself and the trunk of the tree starts with Noah.


Genesis 6:17-18
I am going to bring floodwaters on the earth to destroy all life under the heavens, every creature that has the breath of life in it. Everything on earth will perish. But I will establish my covenant with you, and you will enter the ark—you and your sons and your wife and your sons’ wives with you.

Genesis 9:8-9
Then God said to Noah and to his sons with him: “I now establish my covenant with you and with your descendants after you

There was a progression of this tree that started with Noah, then his son Shem, then eventually to Shem's descendant Abraham.

Abraham (descendant of Shem, Noah's son)

Genesis 17:1-2
When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the Lord appeared to him and said, “I am God Almighty; walk before me faithfully and be blameless. Then I will make my covenant between me and you and will greatly increase your numbers.”

Next the law was given to both of Abraham's sons Isaac and Ishmael. Now this may seem controversial that Ishmael was included but the Lord said he would make him fruitful. But the covenant he made with the Isralites he established through Isaac. Scripture supports this very clearly.

Abraham's son with Sara named Isaac (Jews).

Genesis 17:19
Then God said, “Yes, but your wife Sarah will bear you a son, and you will call him Isaac. I will establish my covenant with him as an everlasting covenant for his descendants after him.

Abraham's son with Hagar named Ishmael (Muslims).

Genesis 21:13
I will make (Ishmael) the son of the slave into a nation also, because he is your offspring.”
Genesis 17:20
as for Ishmael, I have heard you: I will surely bless him; I will make him fruitful and will greatly increase his numbers. He will be the father of twelve rulers, and I will make him into a great nation. But my covenant I will establish with Isaac.

Isaac's son Jacob to Jacob's son Levi to Levi's descendant Moses.

Exodus 16:34
As the Lord commanded Moses, Aaron put the manna with the tablets of the covenant law, so that it might be preserved.

The covenant was firmly recorded with Moses and the Lord provided him with a way to communicate.

Exodus 25:22
There, above the cover between the two cherubim that are over the ark of the covenant law, I will meet with you and give you all my commands for the Israelites.

Then to King David.

Psalm 89:3-4New International Version (NIV) You said, “I have made a covenant with my chosen one, I have sworn to David my servant, ‘I will establish your line forever and make your throne firm through all generations.’

From David to Soloman and then through the prophets to Christ.

This is the history of the law as it was passed through the tree of life from A to A, Abraham to America. The trunk began with Noah, then to Shem, then to Abraham, then the tree split into two bough's, one to Ishmael which led to Muhammad, and the other to Isaac. From Isaac's bough to Israel (Jacob) where it split into twelve branches for each of Jacob's children (but many of those branches were later pruned off when the law was lost and the tree was almost dead), then the Lord intervened and brought it to Moses, then to Joshua, then to King David, then to Soloman where it was pruned down again, then to Isaiah and the Prophets where it again was pruned down till it was almost dead, the root sprouted up again from the stump of Jesse, King David's father which sprouted again in a branch called Christ, then to the Apostles, then to Barnabas (a Levite) and the Apostle Paul who brought it to Rome, then to the Pope where it again was pruned down, until William Tyndale translated the Bible in English, then the word reached John Robinson, the pastor of the Pilgrims, then to William Bradford who was the first to deliver the scripture to American soil, then to the Founding Fathers including John Adams, then to the American people through parts of the Constitution, and various pastors where the fruit of the word grew on good foundations, into a great nation. Now it appears again that the tree is pruned down and is in desperate need of some fertilizer.

The Bible shows us that when wealth starts to accumulate in a society, human pride increases which eventually leads to greed. Without fear of war people no long appreciate the safety they now enjoy and they forget about the Lord and start thinking about their pride. The law gets lost in times like these because parents forget the Lord's decree that they are to teach his laws to their children. Without the fear of God, greed/evil spreads by facial expression and mirror neurons. Money, advanced degrees and material goods become our priority rewards and the stress to acquire them leds to destructive marriages which produce few children. The greed of the rich oppresses the poor by using their sinful nature against them, even taxing them to get their money. Morals drop, ethics drop, costs for services soar, and the desire to obtain more wealth overcomes the already weakened human conscience. CEOs looking for big bonuses tempt their employees to sinful behavior, by offering trips and excessive bonuses leading to risky investments and eventually to a global crisis. Does all of this sound familiar?

From Management Study Guide (link)
The recent global economic crisis brought to the fore the system of flawed incentives that was in place in the investment banks and Wall Street firms. The point here is that though the bankers were performing well, the rewards were too high and this made them take unnecessary risks and not heed to the “inner voice” that guides us all in our daily life and career. Since this internal director compels us to be ethical and normative, the absence of conscience among the bankers led to their taking unnecessary risks with their business practices.

No, I'm not talking about 2008, I am talking about 28 AD.

2 Timothy 3:1-10
But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

By our design human behavior repeats itself in cycles just as the Lord forewarned, you would think that our intelligence might have evolved, but instead we go from Priestcraft to Sciencecraft. Like the Lord also said, "we have gone backwards instead of forwards."

Could the global crisis of 2008 have been prevented without the need for a larger government and more regulation causing tax payers billions of dollars and driving small banks out of business? Well the Lord left his words as a witness against us.

Deuteronomy 8:11-14
Be careful that you do not forget the Lord your God, failing to observe his commands, his laws and his decrees that I am giving you this day. Otherwise, when you eat and are satisfied, when you build fine houses and settle down, and when your herds and flocks grow large and your silver and gold increase and all you have is multiplied, then your heart will become proud and you will forget the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of slavery.

WE NEED TO GET BACK ON THE PATH! Without the fear of God and the moral teaching of the Lord's religion, the Founding Fathers of America knew that greed would eventually threaten the welfare of the nation. That's why John Jay said:

John Jay, A Memorial and Remonstrance
"No human society has ever been able to maintain both order and freedom, both cohesiveness and liberty apart from the moral precepts of the Christian Religion. Should our Republic ever forget this fundamental precept of governance, we will then, be surely doomed"

And so we see the evidence of John Jay's doomed society happening now in America. Marriages are failing, fewer children are being born, our younger generation is oppressed with college loans, breast cancer is soaring, ADHD is soaring and nearly one in four women ages 50 to 64 are now on antidepressants. So to help us our government gives us sports, video games and free porn, then tells us we should fear terrorist so we don't notice that they are robbing our children. But the Lord is gracious and he doesn't watch us suffer forever. These are self-inflicted wounds that arise from the sins of our ancestors. By turning away from the law of the Lord they suffered with all kinds of calamities that he foretold them by saying "follow my law or you will be cursed". But they were stubborn and not willing to admit their own guilt, so they blamed their sins on the other race or other gender and spread their bitterness to their children. When these things happened in the past, the Lord would send a servant who knew his laws, to open the eyes of the blind so they can see their oppressors, repent, and leave their path. The Lord knows that the younger generation has been born blind and he will graciously try to help them. Once they turn back to the law, become pure in body and spirit, they will once again find love and family and they will teach their children to trust in the word of Lord. Here are the prophecies that foretell the signs that the Lord is near.

Isaiah 11 The Branch From Jesse
A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit. The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him— the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of might, the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord— and he will delight in the fear of the Lord. He will not judge by what he sees with his eyes, or decide by what he hears with his ears; but with righteousness he will judge the needy, with justice he will give decisions for the poor of the earth. He will strike the earth with the rod of his mouth; with the breath of his lips he will slay the wicked. Righteousness will be his belt and faithfulness the sash around his waist. The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them. The cow will feed with the bear, their young will lie down together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox. The infant will play near the cobra’s den, and the young child will put its hand into the viper’s nest. They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain, for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. In that day the Root of Jesse will stand as a banner for the peoples; the nations will rally to him, and his resting place will be glorious.

Isaiah 42:1-6
“Here is my servant, whom I uphold, my chosen one in whom I delight; I will put my Spirit on him, and he will bring justice to the nations. He will not shout or cry out, or raise his voice in the streets. A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness he will bring forth justice; he will not falter or be discouraged till he establishes justice on earth. In his teaching the islands will put their hope.” This is what God the Lord says— the Creator of the heavens, who stretches them out, who spreads out the earth with all that springs from it, who gives breath to its people, and life to those who walk on it: “I, the Lord, have called you in righteousness; I will take hold of your hand. I will keep you and will make you to be a covenant for the people and a light for the Gentiles,

The Father and the Sons
Did you know that the Lord considered many men as his son before Jesus? Like David, Solomon and even all of Israel at one time was considered to be his firstborn son.

Exodus 4:22
Then you shall say to Pharaoh, ‘Thus says the Lord, Israel is my firstborn son".

1 Chronicles 22:8-10
Behold, a son shall be born to you who shall be a man of rest. I will give him rest from all his surrounding enemies. For his name shall be Solomon, and I will give peace and quiet to Israel in his days. He shall build a house for my name. He shall be my son, and I will be his father, and I will establish his royal throne in Israel forever.’

1 Chronicles 28:6
He said to me: ‘Solomon your son is the one who will build my house and my courts, for I have chosen him to be my son, and I will be his father.

Jeremiah 31:9
I will lead them beside streams of water on a level path where they will not stumble, because I am Israel’s father, and Ephraim is my firstborn son.

Psalm 89:20-29
I have found David my servant; with my sacred oil I have anointed him. My hand will sustain him; surely my arm will strengthen him. He will call out to me, ‘You are my Father, my God, the Rock my Savior.’ And I will appoint him to be my firstborn, the most exalted of the kings of the earth. I will maintain my love to him forever, and my covenant with him will never fail. I will establish his line forever, his throne as long as the heavens endure.

Now this is starting to make a lot of sense. The Lord appoints David to be his firstborn and the next Psalm says "Today I have become your father".

Psalm 2:7-8
I will proclaim the Lord’s decree: He said to me, “You are my son; today I have become your father. Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.

Are you starting to see a pattern here? We see that there were many biblical sons so how does one become a son anyway? It doesn't appear to be a biological son and we know the Bible is filled with parables and allegories. Here is some scripture found with the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible that seems to explain it.

Book of Jubilees: (found with the Dead Sea Scrolls and likely read by Christ)
And the Lord said unto Moses: "I know their contrariness and their thoughts and their stiffneckedness, and they will not be obedient till they confess their own sin and the sin of their fathers. And after this they will turn to Me in all uprightness and with all (their) heart and with all (their) soul, and I shall circumcise the foreskin of their heart and the foreskin of the heart of their seed (children), and I shall create in them a holy spirit, and I shall cleanse them so that they shall not turn away from Me from that day unto eternity. And their souls will cleave to Me and to all My commandments, and they will fulfil My commandments, and I shall be their Father and they will be My children. And they will all be called children of the living God, and every angel and every spirit will know, yea, they will know that these are My children, and that I am their Father in uprightness and righteousness, and that I love them. And do thou write down for thyself all these words which I declare unto thee on this mountain, the first and the last, which shall come to pass in all the divisions of the days in the law and in the testimony and in the weeks and the jubilees unto eternity, until I descend and dwell with them throughout eternity."

Jeremiah 3:19
“I myself said, “‘How gladly would I treat you like my children and give you a pleasant land, the most beautiful inheritance of any nation.’ I thought you would call me ‘Father’ and not turn away from following me.

Hebrews 12:5-6
And have you completely forgotten this word of encouragement that addresses you as a father addresses his son? It says, “My son, do not make light of the Lord’s discipline, and do not lose heart when he rebukes you, because the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and he chastens everyone he accepts as his son.

And now Christ appears over 1000 years later..

John 3:16 
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

Matthew 1:21
She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”

Here Jesus shows us that he was sent to us by following the scriptures themselves, from his knowledge of the Lord's law and the prophecies, and his knowledge of sonship.

Luke 4:16-21
He went to Nazareth, where he had been brought up, and on the Sabbath day he went into the synagogue, as was his custom. He stood up to read, and the scroll of the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 61:1-2) was handed to him. Unrolling it, he found the place where it is written:
“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” Then he rolled up the scroll, gave it back to the attendant and sat down. The eyes of everyone in the synagogue were fastened on him. He began by saying to them, “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”

Matthew 23:9
And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven.

Christ understands that calling The Lord father does not have anything to do with biology but rather adoption. That is why he is teaching his disciples that the Lord is also their father. So we see here that sonship is conditional upon obeying the Lord's law and so Christ had to rediscover this law from scripture. He had to separate the evil from the good that was corrupted by the teaching of the Pharisees. He did this by studying the Old Testament scripture (the word of God that was sent down from heaven) until the law was in his heart. So at that point in time Christ was the only son, the only man who knew the promise behind the law. Anyone of true Jewish faith should be able to understand this. This is critical in order to break the religion divide and get on the right path, a path that leads to peace. After Christ's death, sons were popping up all over including most of the Apostles because Christ rediscovered the way to the Holy Spirit and helped them to understand the scriptures. That's why they called themselves brothers and sisters.

Matthew 12:46-50
While Jesus was still talking to the crowd, his mother and brothers stood outside, wanting to speak to him. Someone told him, “Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you.” He replied to him, “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?” Pointing to his disciples, he said, “Here are my mother and my brothers. For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”

So Jesus was his only son at the time because the law was lost and there was no one who followed the way of the Lord.  Truth was lost in that age and Christ was the Lord's only son.

Isaiah 59:15-16
Truth is nowhere to be found, and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey. The Lord looked and was displeased that there was no justice. He saw that there was no one, he was appalled that there was no one to intervene;

The Lord made it clear in scripture that if anyone would obey him, he will be their father and so that makes Jesus his son because Jesus did obey his will. Nothing to do with biology here, it's crystal clear so why are religions so confused about this? Are they trying to keep us in the dark? To keep us divided from other religions? To keep us from being sons too? Here the Apostile Paul sums it up.

Romans 8:15
The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.”

So Paul tells us, if we become sons we are no longer anybody's slave.  This concept of biological sonship is the stumbling block between the relationship of Christians and Jews and has resulted in thousands of years of bitterness and war. And the idea of Jesus being a biological son had prevented many Christians from ever achieving the sonship that he died to teach them. If you do your own research you will see that Christ never claimed to be a biological son of God. Instead, he referred to the Lord as his heavenly father, the father of his reborn spirit not of his flesh, otherwise he would have just called the Lord father.  The idea of a Begotten Son was forced into the Bible by the Priestcraft of the Church of Rome when it translated the New Testament into English and is only found in the King James translation.

John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 3:16 New International Version (NIV)
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16 English Standard Version (ESV)
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)
For Hashem so had ahavah for the Olam Hazeh that Hashem gave the matanah of Hashem’s Ben Yechid so that whosoever has emunah in him may not be ne’evad (lost, perish, be ruined with destruction), but find Chayyei Olam

We see how the word begotten was incorrectly inserted to create the illusion of biological sonship. Now that we see that like King David, Jesus was the Son of God and you might not have realized that Christ had to overcome the thinking of the world at that time to reach this status. He had to overcome the temptation of the world's sin by his faith in the promise of sonship not by just following the law but also by loving the law with his heart. We also need to understand what the expression "believes in him" means. In the Orthodox translation the hebrew word emunah (meaning faith) is the orginial word that was translated to english as believes. Believes, in this context, is meant to be the same as emunah (faith), and that emunah is a faith that leads to actions (deeds). The Lord said, if you repent and then take and eat from the tree of life, you will never die. Do you have faith in that? If so, then you will do it.

James 2:18-21
Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds. You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that and shudder. You foolish person, do you want evidence that faith without deeds is useless? Was not our father Abraham considered righteous for what he did when he offered his son Isaac on the altar?

Faith in Action

I believed what Christ told me to do and I had faith that it would work. Now look at me, don't you think I have a new spirit? So do what he tells you to do, to repent your sins and follow God's laws, it will lead you to your salvation, your peace. I am no longer dead in my sin but have found the path to peace in my home and even everlasting life. With this understanding, Jews can now accept the teaching of Christ, because it comes from the teaching of the Torah (Old Testament), and he can lead them to repentance; his original mission. Look, if this is too hard for you and you want to continue to believe that Christ was a biological child that is your choice, but please understand the importance of having faith in the Lord's promise and by doing what Christ die for. To repent, accept the Lord's law and have faith that it will lead to your spirit becoming holy. This is why he gave his life. Do I have to give mine also to convince you? William Tyndale did, Martin Luther was ready, and the Pilgrims knew that many may perish when they crossed the ocean. Sometimes I feel that is the only way so I understand Christ thinking. If you have real faith, it will lead to actions, not superstitions.

So you need to understand why Christ tells you not to call any priest, Father. Then you are under the control of the priest and not the Lord. The concept of our Father is that we submit to him and he disciplines us for our own good because he loves us. The priest doesn't do this. The right term to call them would actually be my lord or teacher. But since many priests hide the law, their followers don't have the right to call the Lord Father anyway because they don't have his law in their heart and choose instead to keep sinning. If my earthly father, who went to church every Sunday, was told this one law by his priest, my life would have not been such a struggle.

Proverbs 16:18
Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.
Proverbs 16:5
The Lord detests all the proud of heart. Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished.

But I don't seek revenge or hold any grudges, like Joseph I realize that if I didn't suffer under my birth father's pride, I wouldn't have understood the true sinful nature of pride and how it puts such stress on children. And I probably would not have created this website for you so I actually am thankful for my suffering because it led to this work. And be sure of this that I do not take any self pride for this work. If you knew what signs I had to lead me on this path you would understand how humble I am. I don't even give my name because none of this teaching comes from me, as Christ would say, it comes from the one who sent me. (see The Servant) So we need to understand that anyone who follows the Lord's law, as sent by his servants, no matter what ethnic background or religion, are to consider one another as a brother or sister because the Lord is your spiritual, adopted Father and he does not discriminate or show favoritism.

James 2:1
Favoritism Forbidden My brothers and sisters, believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ must not show favoritism

According to the Bible:
All True Christians are Jews and all True Jews are brothers and sisters of Christ

Religion is man made, the law is God breathed. Just because someone claims to be a Christian or a Jew, if they don't have God's law in their heart they are neither. At least not in the Lord's eyes, but maybe your priest or rabbi who takes your donations. See it doesn't matter if you wear a cross, are circumcised in the flesh, made your Holy Communion or Bar Mitzvah, if you attend a church or temple once a week or even every day. It even doesn't matter if you donate a tenth of your income. The only thing that matters to the Lord is if his law is in your heart. Not that you know the law or even follow the law out of fear. You must love his law with all your heart and all your soul. Then you can call him father and people will see in your behavior that you are his son or daughter because his spirit is in you. Now you have your peace and salvation and are on the path to life everlasting. You are no longer dead in your sin but alive with Christ.

Jeremiah 9:26
For all these nations are really uncircumcised, and even the whole house of Israel is uncircumcised in heart.”

Deuteronomy 10:16-17
Circumcise your hearts, therefore, and do not be stiff-necked any longer. For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome, who shows no partiality and accepts no bribes.

Christ followed the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and Judah whose king was David. So if you really are a Christian at heart, if you follow the moral law, then you are actually a Jew (in Hebrew the word is Yehudi) because you follow the same God as the people of the kingdom of Judah. That's where the term Jew comes from because at one time Israel was split with the Kingdom of Judah, which was King David's kingdom in which Christ was a descendant of. Nobody is a Christian just because they claim to be, they are only a Christian if they act like Christ and obey his father.

Galatians 3:26-28
So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith (faith in the law), for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Matthew 7:19-23
Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them. “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!

Here Christ tells us about the tree of life, which he is one of the vines. The roots of this tree are the Moral laws and any branches that lead to the same law are part of the same tree. The remaining branches will be thrown in the fire and burned.

John 15:1-4
The Vine and the Branches
“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful. You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you. Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine.

It's time for the world to be undivided in spirit by following the same law, getting on the same path, and becoming part of the same tree.

Ezekiel 11:19-20
I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh. Then they will follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws. They will be my people, and I will be their God.

Your salvation will come when you fear the Lord and repent and then follow his law. You must read and memorize the law of the Lord (see The law) including the Ten Commandments, and the other various decrees and laws. Once this law becomes wired in your reward system you will finally have your peace and well being.

The Final Point: Faith depends on "IF"
The Lord tells us "IF you follow my law THEN you will be blessed and live in peace in the land" and IF you do not follow my commandments THEN you will be cursed.  Now IF you have faith in his promise THEN when the law says "thou shall not covet",  your faith will immediately stop you from coveting.  See how the IF requires action on your part. Because I have faith in the Lord, like Abraham did, I believe that I will feel better IF I don't covet. Your faith has made you well, literally. That's faith in action and it's the key to spontaneous healing. The "trust circuit" in the brain proves this statement is true (see The Trust Circuit). This is, in my opinion, the key to the miracle healings of Christ and how he "saves us from our sin". Not that we should continue suffering in our sin till we die, hurting the ones we love, then getting into heaven through some kind of back door because we go to mass each week and say we believe that Christ is God's biological child. That's the blind leading the blind into a pit, that's anti-Christ and it won't help you stop sinning. It could be very profitable for the church since you must go each week to qualify for heaven under their rules, even though your family could still be suffering due to your sin.

If you want to find your salvation you have to stick to the program. Repent then, not just from your sins but also the sins of your parents who raised you blind to the law. Return to the Way of the Lord and get a new heart and a new spirit and be healed! This is what it means to be "saved" by Christ, you find your Salvation. Look at the same verse in two different Bible translations.

Isaiah 30:15 (NIV)
This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation

Isaiah 30:15 (ESV)
For thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, “In returning and rest you shall be saved”

You were born blind but now you can finally see, it's time to wipe the mud from your eyes. Finally, the obstacles are gone and you can see the way to your salvation. Then your life will be full of peace without worry. Unless, of course, IF your stubbornness and your pride overcomes your faith, THEN nobody can help you until you suffer enough to finally say uncle, or rather father. The human brain can learn in two different ways, one from wisdom and trust, the other from pain and experience.

Luke 17:19
Then he said to him, “Rise and go; your faith has made you well.”

Jeremiah 16:12
But you have behaved more wickedly than your ancestors. See how all of you are following the stubbornness of your evil hearts instead of obeying me.

Jeremiah 11:8
But they did not listen or pay attention; instead, they followed the stubbornness of their evil hearts. So I brought on them all the curses of the covenant I had commanded them to follow but that they did not keep.

Romans 2:5
But because of your stubbornness and your unrepentant heart, you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of God’s wrath, when his righteous judgment will be revealed.

Be sure to read and meditate on the law so you will have the law in your heart. Then you will be qualified to help others with their faith.

Proverbs 12:26
One who is righteous is a guide to his neighbor, but the way of the wicked leads them astray.

Psalm 119:174
I long for your salvation, Lord, and your law gives me delight.

The Promise of World Peace

The way to world peace has actually been documented for over three thousand years in the laws of the Bible. John Adams understood this when he wrote about his ideas for Utopia.

From "The Works of John Adams" (see full doc)
#22: Suppose a nation in some distant region should take the Bible for their only law-book, and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited! Every member would be obliged, in conscience, to temperance and frugality and industry; to justice and kindness and charity towards his fellow men; and to piety, love, and reverence, towards Almighty God. In this commonwealth, no man would impair his health by gluttony, drunkenness, or lust; no man would sacrifice his most precious time to cards or any other trifling and mean amusement; no man would steal, or lie, or in any way defraud his neighbor, but would live in peace and good will with all men; no man would blaspheme his Maker or profane his worship; but a rational and manly, a sincere and unaffected piety and devotion would reign in all hearts. What a Utopia; what a Paradise would this region be!

Prior to the Internet, world peace was unobtainable because many dividers have put stumbling blocks in our way in order to control people. We remain divided because these leaders spread bitterness and lies, causing people to hold grudges and judge others that they don't even know. People remain divided into groups because they don't see the big picture like Joseph did when he saved Egypt and his family. Now with the advent of a worldwide Internet, the Lord's message can finally reach the people directly. If we can all just study the law, accept what the Lord calls evil and good, then we will share the same spirit. The Law of the Lord is perfect. It provides equity for every race, every gender, and every nation. Just imagine living in a nation where every doctor, scientist, teacher, banker, lawyer and politician feared the Lord and followed the same biblical law? We would have Utopia, but instead we have bitterness, hatred and wars that make the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. The Lord has foretold that one day this scripture will finally come true.

Isaiah 2:3-5 (NIV)
Many nations will come and say, “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the temple of the God of Jacob. He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths.” The law will go out from Zion, the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will make their swords into plows and their spears into hooks for trimming trees. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore. Come, descendants of Jacob, let us walk in the way of the Lord.

Did you know that almost all world nations are already united by the same law; that they have the same root to the tree of life? It doesn't matter what branch you come from as long as you are connected somehow to the root, that's why it's called the tree of life and not the root of life. Don't be fooled to think that your branch is the only way to the root. If you think that way then you really do come from the root, the root of evil.

Old Testament/Torah Leviticus 19:10 Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.
New Testament James 2:8 If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing right.
Confucianism: the Golden Rule: "Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself"
Qur'an: Shakir Serve Allah and do not associate any thing with Him and be good to the parents and to the near of kin and the orphans and the needy and the neighbor of (your) kin and the alien neighbor, and the companion in a journey and the wayfarer and those whom your right hands possess; surely Allah does not love him who is proud, boastful;

So imagine if this law was in our heart and the hearts of our children; imagine if we all walked fearfully in the way of our Creator; imagine if we all had faith in the promise of everlasting life; and imagine if we all had faith in promise of the world peace found in Isaiah 2:3-5,

By faith, I already started the prophecy rolling by posting the law on the eve of the Day of Atonement at Zion. It's in your hands now, if you have faith, you have to keep your end of the promise.

Ezekiel 18:30-32 “I will judge each of you according to your own ways, declares the Sovereign Lord. Repent! Turn away from all your offenses; then sin will not be your downfall. Rid yourselves of all the offenses you have committed, and get a new heart and a new spirit. Why will you die, people of Israel? For I take no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Sovereign Lord. Repent and live!

The Lord has removed the obstacles from our path. The brain map proves evolution is a lie and shows how the law works in our mind to form our Holy Spirit. We now know the way to our salvation. The Lord has made you a promise, if you repent and get a new heart and a new spirit you will never die. The only question left now is: do you have faith in his promise? The faith that requires the work (repentance and following of the law) to receive the promise, the faith that will make you well and take away your stress, the faith Abraham had when he was ready to sacrifice his son, the faith David had when he faced Goliath, the faith the Pilgrims had when they sailed to America, and the faith that Christ used to heal the blind.

Hebrews 11:1 Faith in Action
Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

James 2:24
You see that a person is considered righteous by what they do and not by faith alone.

So, do you have this faith? I do, and I'm the engineer who spent six years wiring up the brain; the engineer who helped build the space shuttle navigation system. I know how the brain works and it's phe·nom·e·nal ! That's why I submitted to do all this work and post this site with my own time and money. I even have faith that by seeing the change in me, it could help you change also.

Psalm 40:1-3
I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him.

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Isaiah 52:3
For this is what the Lord says: You were sold for nothing, and without money you will be redeemed.

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James 5:19-20
My brothers and sisters, if one of you should wander from the truth and someone should bring that person back, remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins.

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Isaiah 61:1-2 / Luke 4:17-18
The Year of the Lord’s favor
The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion

Isaiah 26:2-3,7-8
Open the gates that the righteous nation may enter, the nation that keeps faith. You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. The path of the righteous is level; you, the Upright One, make the way of the righteous smooth. Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait with hope for you; your name and remembrance are the desire of our soul.

Isaiah 63:7-8
I will tell of the kindnesses of the Lord, the deeds for which he is to be praised, according to all the Lord has done for us— yes, the many good things he has done for Israel, according to his compassion and many kindnesses. He said, “Surely they are my people, children who will be true to me”; and so he became their Savior.

Exodus 15:2
The Lord is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation.

Psalm 37 (NIV)
1 Do not fret because of those who are evil or be envious of those who do wrong;
2 for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants they will soon die away.
3 Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
4 Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
5 Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this:
6 He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun.
7 Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.
8 Refrain from anger and turn from wrath; do not fret—it leads only to evil.
9 For those who are evil will be destroyed, but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land.
10 A little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look for them, they will not be found.
11 But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy peace and prosperity.
12 The wicked plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them;
13 but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he knows their day is coming.
14 The wicked draw the sword and bend the bow to bring down the poor and needy, to slay those whose ways are upright.
15 But their swords will pierce their own hearts, and their bows will be broken.
16 Better the little that the righteous have than the wealth of many wicked;
17 for the power of the wicked will be broken, but the Lord upholds the righteous.
18 The blameless spend their days under the Lord’s care, and their inheritance will endure forever.
19 In times of disaster they will not wither; in days of famine they will enjoy plenty.
20 But the wicked will perish: Though the Lord’s enemies are like the flowers of the field, they will be consumed, they will go up in smoke.
21 The wicked borrow and do not repay, but the righteous give generously;
22 those the Lord blesses will inherit the land, but those he curses will be destroyed.
23 The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him;
24 though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand.
25 I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.
26 They are always generous and lend freely; their children will be a blessing.
27 Turn from evil and do good; then you will dwell in the land forever.
28 For the Lord loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones. Wrongdoers will be completely destroyed; the offspring of the wicked will perish.
29 The righteous will inherit the land and dwell in it forever.
30 The mouths of the righteous utter wisdom, and their tongues speak what is just.
31 The law of their God is in their hearts; their feet do not slip.
32 The wicked lie in wait for the righteous, intent on putting them to death;
33 but the Lord will not leave them in the power of the wicked or let them be condemned when brought to trial.
34 Hope in the Lord and keep his way. He will exalt you to inherit the land; when the wicked are destroyed, you will see it.
35 I have seen a wicked and ruthless man flourishing like a luxuriant native tree,
36 but he soon passed away and was no more; though I looked for him, he could not be found.
37 Consider the blameless, observe the upright; a future awaits those who seek peace.
38 But all sinners will be destroyed; there will be no future for the wicked.
39 The salvation of the righteous comes from the Lord; he is their stronghold in time of trouble.
40 The Lord helps them and delivers them; he delivers them from the wicked and saves them, because they take refuge in him.

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